2017 E300 4Matic Loaner 36mo/12k mi/yr $406/mo

Signed for an E Class today! I was originally in the market for a C Class but opted for the E Class after test drives and reading about some of the deals people have gotten here. It’s always been a bit of a dream car, but I didn’t think it was doable yet, until I started reading this forum.

I searched nationwide using MBUSA’s used inventory search and contacted quite a few dealers before finding one in the midwest (going to pay ~$650 to have the car shipped to me) that had the right car and was willing to get to where I wanted to be sales price-MSRP wise.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Mercedes Benz E300 4Matic w/ P1 Package]

MSRP: [$61,545]
Selling Price: [$48,500]
Rebates: [$1500 AMA Fleet Discount]
Acquisition Fee: [$795]
Doc + OOS Buyer Fee: [$182]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [0.00092]
MF After autopay and 5 MSD’s: 0.00047
Residual: [57.4%]

Security Deposit: [$2250]
Total Due At Signing: [$406]
Monthly Payment (pre tax): [$398]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$406]

Sales Tax Rate: [2%]

Where do you live and what state is the car in - are they shipping it?

I’m covering shipping from Illinois to Alabama (~$650-$700)

What dealership in Illinois?

It’s a small dealership with light inventory, I wouldn’t want to post publicly without getting clearance from them first

Congrats these are great numbers! Getting closer to seeing sub 400 deals on loaner E300. I still remember back in December, these were the hot, “updated” cars and people were paying north of 600 for them … things have now reversed - Benz is leasing like BMW and BMW is leasing like Audi!

What’s the easiest way to search for loaners? Can you find them through the inventory? Or is email and calling the dealerships the best way?

I just tried searching 2017 pre-owned. Then look at carfax (if provided). Should show “rental” or “commercial” with no owners other than that dealership.

Yep: https://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/cpo/inventory and be sure to click the “include all pre-owned box”

then go to the dealer website and sometimes they’ll identify it as a loaner or otherwise and some will have carfax which makes things easier. For fleet incentive purposes it has to be loaner (not demo) and non-CPO.

I also found this useful for estimating MSRP if it wasn’t provided on a dealers site:

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Nice low mileage at 20% & 21% off advertised:



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would you mind to share , how many miles was on the car
how do you " back calculate " MRSP from the VIN decoder?

The car had 4700 miles. It’s not really back calculating, I just got familiar with what the MSRP generally was for cars with certain Packages and little add ons (eg. ~$550 for illuminated star). It was helpful to have a rough MSRP so I could do some lease calculations before engaging a dealer. The VIN decoder also helps give a general idea of when the dealer got the car (release / delivery dates) and how eager they may potentially be to offload it (assuming they didn’t buy it at auction after it had been at another dealer).

You’re assuming a $60ish msrp right? Seems like it. These e300 deals might be too good to pass up, will give it a shot with fleet

One is $60+ the other one is $61+. Click on “car documents” folder icon, it shows all options and MSRP

Thanks everyone for the great info on searching. I will being trying to find one today in PA.

I don’t think I qualify for the fleet discount. Are there any others I can use with the lease demo?

Try those above in MD. You can drive one way or ship. They advertise 20% off and there there is also “Unlock Additional Savings” magic button.

Any one seeing additional incentives for August? I am at 420 a month w/ my local dealer. They are not honoring any fleet discounts - work for a national bank that should have a discount.

I thought fleet incentives stack - any reason why they wont honor the fleet? I think there are some restrictions but I’m not clear on what they are. There are other deals here with fleet stacking

I did as well. And have seen others comment they got the fleet. Are the corporate fleet deals (e.g. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc) different than these credit union deals?

I unlocked the additional savings, an extra $123 on a $60K auto.