2017 E300 4Matic Loaner 36mo/12k mi/yr $406/mo

:joy: Better than nothing. But you should still negotiate with them. At least you get a very good starting point.

The fleet discount is a bit finicky when it comes to MB loaners:

  • It can’t be CPO (some dealers certify all of their retired loaners)
  • It has to have been a loaner for at least 3 months
  • It can’t have been a demo (carfax for a demo will usually have that it was in corporate fleet, then at some point bought at auction by the current dealer)

If it is definitely a loaner and has always been at that dealer, I would insist on applying the fleet discount. They have no reason to refuse. Some dealers were even willing to be a bit loose with the above requirements and still honor fleet.

Has anyone ever used Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) member reward on a loaner lease? I checked the details on the website but doesn’t mention anything about a loaner. Just says “new” purchase and leases. Nor it mentioned anything about stacking restriction with fleet discounts( BMW doesn’t allow Fleet and BMWCCA credit) I did call one dealer in OC and he mentioned it “depends” and didn’t want to go in detail over the phone. Thought I check if anyone was able to get that $500 MBCA credit.

Sub $400 here we come!!

My current lease ends in November and really want to get a loaner E class, 10k miles per yr for under $400 which I am hoping is attainable. I have found 1 local dealer, whom I suspect may be the dealer OP got his car from that is willing to deal on loaners. Currently, I am a member of PenFed and am going to apply the $2,000 rebate. Are there any other rebates I can look into now that can save me money on a new MB lease in November?

Not sure about stackability, but the verbiage is fairly loose. There is a 12 month requirement though.

2% sales tax??? Giddy up! Nice deal.

Does anyone know of the loaners also apply for any USAA or mimitary discounts?

Working this car right now, trying to get them to disclose and mark down mf is difficult. Also some of the fees are high

Good luck. Will you be registering it in MD? The capped doc fee only goes a small way to offset having to pay tax on the entire vehicle as part of the lease.

No, NJ. Technically in NJ you pay tax on the monthly, but they’re quoting it to me both ways (upfront and in my monthly)

Great deal! I was off on the total sale price by about $500. Can’t beat 2% tax rate.

I’ve had it for 4 days, and there’s already a recall for the passenger airbag sensor. Kind of annoyed they didn’t bother fixing this before handing me over the keys. Aw well, just gives me a MB loaner to tear up for a day next week.

Otherwise, the car is absolutely amazing for ~$400. I actually don’t think the 4 cyl turbo is bad at all compared to a BMW 4cyl because of the transmission is so much better. The MB tex is sooo much better and softer than the BMW tex.

Com’mon $400! It’s a steal!

I believe NJ taxes upfront but almost any upfront fee/tax can be rolled into the payment if you’re willing to pay interest on it.

Don’t forget the luxury surcharge of 0.4% of the selling price if above $45K

Hmm didnt realize that, I guess I can cough up tax upfront if I save from paying interest on it

Yea…Alabama is a bit light on social services, but I’m moving to NY next year so I’ll pay proper tax then.

USAA counts as fleet I believe, so yes. Not sure about military discounts.

Member of pentagon federal credit union… does that count for MB fleet? Im a member for over 8 years.

Yes PenFed is considered fleet

Can you do fleet + employee number? My uncle works at MB dealer in NJ for 15 years. He gets 2 codes a year that can be used for family.

I doubt it:
“Fleet incentives cannot be used in conjunction with Dealer Employee Purchase Program (DE1), Mercedes Vehicle Plan (MVP), Master Lease Program (MLP), Diplomat, European Delivery, Courtesy Vehicle Program (CVP) vehicle that has not met the minimum service requirement, Special Demos, Competitor Conquest Program,Customer Advocacy Program (CAP), Customer 1 Certificate (C1C),other Fleet programs (Corporate Sales or Executive Allowance Bonus (EAB) or Fleet Employee Program (FEP)) or non-U.S. specification vehicles.”

Are we sure PenFed is a fleet discount and can be used on a loaner??