2017 Cruze LT < $100/mo

Searched, but didn’t see this. Somewhat surprising unless I missed it.
Local ads for 2017 Cruze LT, $79/mo, zero down (+TTL), waive 1st month payment, GM employee.
This is my reverse calculation to get to that number, so you can check if there is any errors. (actually, GM employee, my calculation comes to $53/mo., so maybe something wrong).

2017 Cruze LT Sedan MSRP 22325
SP 21,432 (-4%) GMS 20843 (-7%)
MF .00045 with waiver acq. fee .001
Residual 67%
CCR $1225
Competitive/loyalty lease $2000
GM Finance cash $1500 (chevrolet.com offers page)
Tag car $1000

The ads say valid till 1/11/17, but unless any of the incentives expires, should be good till EOM.

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Looks promising. FYI, the $1,500 customer cash is not available for leases, but in some regions (CA included), there is a $500 incremental “CCR” incentive in addition to the $1,225 lease cash. There’s also $500 Farm Bureau which can be stacked on top of those incentives.

I do not know the Bonus Tag amount for leases; best to check with a dealer. Fingers crossed it’s also $1,000.

Looking closer, I see the $1500 is for purchase only, even though I filtered for lease offers only, it still showed up, and I didn’t look that close.
I’m fairly sure the extra $500 CCR is in there. That would leave a gap of $400. Auto show cash?

Looking for an inexpensive lease for a work and back vehicle like this. Was this a national ad? Cant seem to find it on website. I live in South Texas. Thanks!

yeah one dealer here in san diego (courtesy Chevrolet) is advertising some deals on their cruzes, so there’s something going on.

The ad is
24/10k lease
2529 down
49 per month
does not include tax
includes $2000 current lessee bonus cash, $225 lease CCR, and $500 super bonus tag.
It’s on five units in stock

(not as good as guppys)

If I look at one *for sale, * it shows a $1000 select model super tab bonus, and $1000 select market bonus, and $500 consumer cash program.

If I had to get a Cruze, this is what I’d aim for in Los Angeles:

Incentives: $1,225 CCR + $2,000 conquest lease + $500 Bonus Tag + $500 Incremental CCR (regional) + $500 Farm Bureau

$62/month including tax, and $823 drive-off.

would love to get a cruze for <$100/mo and will obviously be willing to drive to LA from Las Vegas (where there are zero good lease deals)… i just don’t see it happening though, negotiating via email or phone and then getting it in writing, and then actually getting the deal closed

Anyone have luck with this in Southern California area? If so, any dealer or contact names?

Camino Real Chevy in Monterey Park gave me these numbers:

24 month lease
10k miles per year
0 money down
115 a month with tax
Must be bonus tagged


Was this an LT? What was MSRP? Thx

Hi Michael, do you know if you can use the GM supplier discount for this lease? Thanks!

The GM Supplier Discount doesn’t entail any additional incentives – it’s just a pre-negotiated price. It’s a nice starting point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can do better on your own. Anywhere from $1,500 - $2,000 off MSRP would be golden.

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Hi Michael, thanks for all your help. I am at the dealership now in Socal and I’m finishing up the deal. I got 2k of MSRP and qualified for $3,725 in incentives however the dealership says they can’t get a .00045 MF from the bank (even with my top tier credit) and they have never heard of the Acquisition waiver. Any tips? Im ready to get the car today. Thanks!

I got a quote earlier from a So. Cal dealership - they definitely can do this. It shows as “Adjusted MF for waiving acquisition fee: .001010”

Perfect thanks! What dealership did you get the quote from?

Same here. Im in west LA but I was working on a deal with northridge chevy.

MSRP 22,325
$3725 in incentives
10k 24months

I used the calculator on the front page article for the cruze and got exactly $100 a month with only drive off due at signing but the dealership just called me to confirm that they can’t do anything about the MF and acquisition fee so the payments would be $120 plus the acquisition. So I’m going to try another dealership, but its been difficult to find someone who understands the structure of this lease.

Try to get $4,225 in incentives. Everything except Farm Bureau - they will find a tagged car if that’s what you are missing. I’m at $0 out of pocket, no down, 10k/24, $136 tax included.

Let me know if you find a good deal. Maybe if we both get one we can get a better deal.
Im going to call a few more dealerships in the area and see what deals I can get. Ill share them here.

It Was an LT but I dont know the MSRP

Ok keep me posted. I’ll do the same.