2017 Cruze Hatchback LT, one-pay lease offer, thoughts?

Been trying to get a good leasehackr scroe on a 2017 cruze Hatchback. My current nissan leaf lease gets me the 1500 comp. leasee rebate plus 2450 in other rebates… let me know what you guys think! Central NJ btw

24mo/12k miles
MSRP: 22795
Sell Price: 21712
Doc Fee: 149
Tags/Title: 350
Tire/Battery/VTR Fee: 17.70
Acq Fee: 595
Sales Tax: 553.38 (6.875 in NJ)
Total Cap Cost: 23377
Rebates: 3950
MF: 0.00045
Residual 65%

One -Pay: 5016.82


just noticed they did NOT increase the MF and remove the acq fee as requested. Sent him that just after posting this! Do some dealeres refuse that request or is that standard GM practice?

They should not be able to refuse it, but some claim they can’t do it. It is just a box to check on their computer screen I think.

You discount should be closer to 10% instead of 5% if you want to get a better deal. You are barely at the 1% rule right now! :grin:

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The 2 dealers I’m negotiating with are not budging with selling price :frowning:

Never heard of the 1% rule, that’s a great tool! I was focusing on the best leasehackr score in my negotiations…

The 1% rule is just a gauge as to whether the lease is worth it or not. If you really like a car and can get a good price on it, it may be better to buy it than lease it. Some cars just don’t lease well but may be a perfectly good purchase.

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does this include the 1500 bonus cash

This seems pretty awful. Find one that is bonus tagged and you will save a lot of money. Selling price isn’t too good either. I’d talk to Joann at Princeton Chevy and see what she can do for you. She is no nonsense and will give you a good deal off the bat.

are you saying bonus cash is applied to the MF? Here are the rebates I was offered to get to the 3950 which I applied to taxed incentives in the LeaseHackr Calc:

The $3950 includes the $1500 non GM lease rebate, $500 NY Auto Show Rebate, $1200 lease cash, $750 select market rebate.

The mf is fine and won’t change no matter what rebates you get.

Search cars. Com and sort by price to find a unit with a large discount then apply incentives on top of that.

No I just quoted the wrong thing, just making sure you are getting all of the rebates you are entitled to

A few dealers are adding in things that are inflating the monthly… is GAP insurance a requirement for a lease?

GM Financial includes GAP

where is that reflected in Leasehackr’s calculator?

GAP insurance is built into GM Financial’s MF.

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Looks like this is the end of the road for this dealer: fair, not great

MSRP: 22795
Sell Price: 21712
Rebates: 3950
Acq fee: 0
Residual 65%
MF 0.00045
GM acw waiver: adjusted MF: 0.00100
Doc: 149
Tags/Title: 350
Tax: 6.875
Drive-off: 947
Monthly: 166

Would be a much nicer deal if they would knock off that $947 from the sell price…

The fact that it isn’t bonus tagged should mean that it isn’t even a consideration. The bonus tag will knock $1000 off the price of the lease for you. Find one and you will be able to get the price you want.

Yeah i tried to get one added to this and they said NO. And the other dealer I found HAS the bonus tag but is giving me the “Our invoice is $300 under the MSRP thats the lowest we can go.” I’m like, really. I know every MF, Residual, GM Acq Waiver, etc" and youre gonna pull THAT trick?

Whats a good negotiating tool besides saying YOURE A LIAR to get them to agree to a better selling price?

He keeps saying selling price is FIRM :confused:

Currently negotiating for a cruze premier for delivery by 5/1. But with bonus tag and no farm bureau I’m under 3k. If you’re open to an awd trax I know @Benedetto had a pretty solid one a few days ago, not sure if it’s still around.

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