2017 Chevy Traverse 1LT Lease Help

Hi all,

I’ve been offered the following deal by a dealership in the Socal area. What do you think? I’m new to leasing but I’ve heard that 39 months deals should be avoided like plague.

2017 Chevy Traverse 1LT, Tech package, Captain Seats (Cloth)

Market Value: 36740
Dealer Discount & Rebate: 5990
Vehicle Price (after rebate): 30750

0 down, 39 Months lease, 12K/yr. = $360/mo included tax

Let me know if I missed any info. Thanks!

Can anyone help come up with a counter offer or is this as good as it gets? Or perhaps need more info?

@chevysalesgirl … (20)

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dont have the car. :frowning_face: and yeah 39 month deals no!

Thank @chevysalesgirl and @Benedetto. What would be the best counter offer? Just ask him to do 36 months while leaving the monthly payment the same? Or even lower monthly payment?

Can you post a worksheet?

just has lease loyalty rebate.

Looks like they’ve got another 10k in there, right? :wink:

@chevysalesgirl @Benedetto thank you so much both for the help! Just to make sure i understand this right, then it should be:

36 months term, $0 down, 12k/yr, $353.47/month + Tax? Or is that the monthly payment with tax included already?

Do you have IVC built in?

Can you even IVC the LT trim?

@chevysalesgirl @Benedetto I’m guessing it would be $353.47 tax included since the “Sales Tax” is already factored in on the right panel of the worksheet you sent? Sorry, I’m a lease noob and just trying to make sense of all these numbers.

you can’t IVC the LT trim since it’s part of GM rebate

yes…20 char

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Figured - ran into that before

@chevysalesgirl Trish - Wanted to double check…this worksheet shows 57% RV on 12k. Is this right? I’ve got another dealer telling me it’s 55% for 12k.

what trim level…

2LT. Maybe that’s the difference…

that’s correct. residual is .55 on 12k for 2LT.

I saw one for 294 w/ 1389 due at signing msrp = 38.3k