2017 Cadillac XT5 deal. 420 month

Stopped by a Caddy dealer today and was offered this deal for 2017 XT5 AWD luxury. Dealer says I qualify for $1500 in rebates & GM discount. What do you guys think.

36 months
12k miles yr

MSPR- 49,520
Discount - 4,560

Veichle price - 44,941
DMV - 47
Doc fee - 210
Tax - 2700
Total - 47,908

Total due signing- 920 includes taxes, fees and first month
Monthly- 420

0 down is about 450 a month

Edmunds MF .00009 , Residual 56%.

Zip 48093

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@fredrigo claims the XT5 can be had for $300/month

Toyota Highlander Limited Pricing

Does Michigan tax the entire lease price?

Also using your numbers I get a payment of almost $100 more per month. Go get it for $450 if you can.

I’m not sure if they tax the entire lease price. There is a GM voucher program if you have employee discount. It can knock off up to an additional 1-3k from what I understand. I think that why the number are in the 400’s

Michigan taxes on the payment, 6%.

I would shop them around a little bit to check the price. Someone will beat it. Or you could talk to @Benedetto he charges a little bit but might be able to beat that. This is the time to do it though. End of the month. Find a dealer that desperately needs more cars.

That tax charge of $2,700 can’t be right then.

These mid/upper lux mid size SUVs are getting ridiculously pricey. $50K for a base mid level trim :astonished:

Chevy Traverse tops out at 56…

@OP build a car on gmfamilyfirst.com to find out your discount

At least you’ve got room for 7-8 people in the Traverse and it’s actually bigger than a Tahoe!

True but it’s not percieved as luxury like the Xt5

I did not know they made the baller 25" rim package with swarovski led lighting lol

Middle suburbia soccer mom special edition complete with Uggs, Michael Kors bag, Starbucks cup and more!


Revised deal - 3yr/36k lux awd. Driver awareness and upgrade navigation

MSRP 51085
Cap cost 46859
Residual 56
MF .00009
6000k in incentives with special voucher. The were also runnin deals on a certain vins. Additional incentive on that.

998 drive off… first month and all fees

Monthly $ 360

Close to what I got on the calculator

That looks like an excellent deal to me. I am finishing up a lease on a 2015 Cadillac SRX Performance. MSRP of $52k/15k Miles with loyalty and GM discount. $471 with 1st payment down.

Yeah. I thinks it’s a great deal to. I’m picking up on Monday :grinning:

Could you give the (selling price) dealer discount before incentives, and a list of all incentives and rebates?

I was looking at a $49,105 msrp fwd lux.
I was offered a selling price of $46,900 and then incentives of $2k loyalty and $3k vin specific discount. 36/12 lease with 2k drive off and payments of $429. I told them I want payments under 400 and haven’t heard back.

Congrats on the XT5

Selling price was 46264

I’m not sure on all the different incentives.

1k Cadillac select market incremental incentive -kvm
1k Cadillac loyalty lease . If you own or lease a 2003 Cadillac you can get this incentive. Applies to household -kza
2k is specific to the selected vins from what I told.

4K total that I can think off. I’m sure there are more.

Not sure how many other rebates or incentives they applied. But it seemed to be more than a handful on their computer screen.

Plus having GM discount helped.

Thanks I will consider xt5 in my list of my next car

I think this deal is pretty amazing!

i am sorry you said 360$ or you meant 460$?

It’s came to 360with tax included