2017 C 300 AWD Sedan Loaners - 25% off MSRP. Washington DC Metro

2017, Mercedes, C 300, AWD

MSRP: [$50,XXX]
Selling Price: [$37,XXX]
Rebates: [All Included]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [0.00129] It has been padded by 40 Basis points which is too much and even after max MSDs you pay 0.00059
Residual: [65%]
Acquisition Fee : $1095 which is padded by $300 as well.

Security Deposit: [$2500]
Total Due At Signing: 1st month + Tags + doc fee
Monthly Payment : [$250] + tax

Doc Fees : $545 but it will be waived by giving credit for it in Selling price.

Zip Code: [x]
Sales Tax Rate: [x%]

Leasehackr Score: [15.2]

They have 20+ vehicles and are motivated to move them by Tuesday 01/02. The car needs to be picked up on Tues and the documents cannot be signed electronically so you need to be there on Tuesday.

I have a salesperson who is straight up and will not play games. If you need his direct contact number PM me.

Below are some questions asked in PM which I am answering for all who are interested in this deal.

  1. does it include any special rebates that will require certain qualifications?
    This deal requires nothing special to qualify. No loyalty or anything specific is required.

  2. can you give a sample config for a $50k MSRP car?
    It will be a car with P2 package and Sport package ideally. You can get the exact package specs checking the specific inventory.

  3. are there any other rebates which are not considered but may potentially bring the cost further down?
    I asked for applying Fleet rebate but was told this dealer won’t apply the Fleet rebate on loaners as they are considered used cars.

  4. The only other rebate that might be able to be applied is the United Premier rebate but I don’t qualify for it.

  5. There will be doc fees involved. I have been successful in getting it credited back from other dealer in same market but than they bump up the MF or Acquisition to compensate for it. Bottom line is that it’s negotiable and up to every individual to get it either reduced or removed.

  6. My deal is not done yet as I reached them on 12/31 in evening when the senior managers were all gone. Don’t ask the sales guy to replicate my deal as it’s still not done.

Update As of 01/02 after getting the final numbers.

I don’t think its that good of a deal anymore so I am going to skip taking it but someone here might still be interested so I am posting for the benefit of those.

The MF being padded so much killed the deal apart from stringent stickiness to the Selling price which is not negotiable. They would not reduce the selling price any more but would gladly bump up the MF and Acquisition.

I have updated the new numbers in the template above so people who read this going forward and to 30 odd people who have PM’d me and got the sales person info from me.



I don’t understand why dealers can’t invest in esignatures and require in person signoffs. You can buy a multimillion dollar house w esignatures.

They could probably sell all 20 here right here.

Also this market place seems ripe for Amazon to enter, even though vehicles are bulky and expensive to transport.

Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great deal for a C300.

Would love to get info about the dealer. Thanks.

Did anyone get info about dealer .

Google up … Amazon has plans to enter the space , what do you think Whole Food physical locations were for . Theirs absolutely zero need for manual intervention in car sales make the pricing transparent upfront once users signs in (cant display on web as you dont get bonus if you do that)


I am new here and bad at this forum (lurking here for a while), but interested and in the area.

PM me please.


Just came back from a New Year gathering. There are a lot of PMs.

Will reply all tomorrow morning. They are closed anyways tomorrow so all you have is Tuesday to act on.


Where is tax? Since it’s generic quote, should be also due at signing?

@Ursus Agreed with your point.

Tax info updated.

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All PM’s replied.

Also for the benefit of this community I have posted this over here now and shared the contact details of the sales guy before my deal is done.

If I would have waited long enough to finish my deal on Tuesday, I would doubt others would be able take advantage of this deal. Not very sure if it’s best for me but we will see how this pans out.


Please PM me the info.

I didn’t get the dealer information and I sent a PM. Please send me the information. Thanks.

Please PM me the info…thanks and Happy New Year.

Hi! Can you PM me the dealer as well! Thanks!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Been negotiating with a dealership in NoVA for last 4 days. Best I got was $369. Wondering if this deal could beat it.

@HN308, could you please PM me the dealer info as well.


How do you verify identity? That is a legal requirement.

All PMs replied. I have got a lot of requests so if I missed anyone please PM me again and I will send you the info.

Also the cell number I sent via PM earlier can only get texts from iPhone so if you sent a text from any other platform your message won’t reach him. If you text from not an iphone I will PM you an alternate number.


Hi @HM308. Happy new year. I Pm’d you. I’d appreciate it if you can kindly share dealer info. Thank You in advance. And enjoy your C300. Great Deal.

Hey HN308 I did not receive a PM with the info, do you mind sending again. In the MD area and would love to take advantage.