2017 C 300 AWD Sedan Loaners - 25% off MSRP. Washington DC Metro

Anyone know off the top of their head if mb leases can be fully (ie original lessee off the contract) swapped?


PMed you the details.

Yes, they can be fully swapped.

@HN308: can you pls pm the dealer details? Thanks in advance.

@HN308 Yeah could you also pm me

@HN308, I did not receive the info, could you please PM me the dealer info again…thanks

My guess is MB of Chantilly. They advertise loaners from Tysons also, so 20 may be available. I was told they don’t pull (don’t sell) loaners from each other. But I think they might if they have a buyer in front of them.

All PMs have been replied.

I will be updating the Original post with all new information I have now. Its not a looking out to be a good deal anymore but it might work for some but doesn’t work for me.

@HN308, when you get a chance please do post the updated details.
Dealer is running the number for me now. Yet to hear back.

Its already posted. Read the 1st post again in detail.

Thank you for replying to my pm. What kind of monthly quote did you get with the updated numbers?

I didn’t bother to reach to that point where we discuss monthly numbers. My target was around 27-28% off without any padding of MF and acquisition fees and Docs fees credited back.

I was able to get 1 out 4 and the target was to get 3 out of 4 in my favor.

The deal didn’t meet my buying criteria so I moved on.

Thanks again!

This is really helps.

The local dealer only can do 19% and wished me good lucky :slight_smile: LOL!

Thanks for the update. Thinking of walking away from the deal as well.

Hoping that there will be some deals in the next 2 months! I have until March 3rd to lease a new car. Am not married to a brand. Just a good number :wink:

Walking away was the right decision. There is always the next deal.

If you guys are still interested in an aggressive deal for a c300 PM me your contact info and I can share your info with the Sales Rep that I purchased from. They have limited stock and should do a deal similar to mine on their remaining few loaners (25% off MSRP, and base MF of .00089)


Is this deal available in the same market area? Where is your dealer located and if you could share the dealer name here people can start going through the inventory. Not much time is left from an out of area person to drive and complete the deal.


It is No.VA. Here is the link to the deal ykcor got.


He drove 1.5 hours out of state.