2017 BMW X3 xDrive35i lease swap (Leasehackr Score 11.8)

Hi Hackrs,

In December 2016 I leased this wonderful car, unfortunately it turns out we really need a 7 seater. (We recently moved to the USA and misjudged our needs).

Optional Extras:
Black Sapphire metallic
Black Nevada Leather
Drivers Assistance Package
Driver Assistance Plus
M Sport pack
20 inch alloys
Technology Pack
Heated Front seats

Standard features:
Panoramic Sunroof
Privacy Glass
Xenon Adaptive headlights
Comfort Access
plus much much more.

$461.06 a month inc 8.75% tax
Lease Commenced 12/09/16
$3,850 in MSD
$1,500 to transfer

Current millage is approx 2,500

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested. Based in Los Angeles

You should list the MSRP. Wasn’t it $62k+? Good deal and easily passes the 1% rule.

When you say it commenced on 9/12/16, you mean the 9th of December, 2016 right? The common notation in the US is month/day/year. :joy:

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Where is @ Should take it.

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Sorry, @Ed_Churchward, love this movie :slight_smile:

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Lol, well spotted. When I wrote it I thought to myself that I must get it the right way around. Even then I get it wrong!

I actually checked the MSRP and it is just over $60k, my mistake, it was another car I nearly bought that was $62k.

Will post the window sticker in a bit.

I am interested would you be willing to work with me to ship to buffalo ny? Can you post some pictures Also do you happen to know what is the cost if I wanted to purchase extra miles upfront?

Common Ed this is rookie mistake not to post MSRP. :slight_smile:

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Happy to work with you on shipping but would imagine it would cost between $1k-$2k. Give BMW finance a call and ask them about buying miles, I know it is a service they offer.

Updated with Window Sticker and a bad photo.

Why? I am not putting down MSD’s and I am not interested in M package.

@Ursus is just trying to let you know about a better spec X3 than yours on order AND a much lower monthly payment.


I understand that. But mine doesn’t have MSD in the deal, his deal is great but out here no dealers want too touch 11% below sticker.

I had $4,500 in rebates and also $2,000 below invoice. Hence the good monthly.

No, you don’t. What does lease transfer with low monthly payments has to do with “out here no dealers want too touch 11% below sticker”?

i am just not interested in this car, but if you can’t comprehend that fact let me explain.
I don’t want to pay for shipping because it will add to the cost.
I don’t want that combo because 20" wheels in NYC are not practical.
I don’t want to pay MSD’s

That’s all you need to know, now go enlighten others.

The deal is great, better than mine.

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That’s good enough for me.

Great looking X3. Good luck with transfer Ed.

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So to transfer you want $5,350 (of which $3,850 is MSD?)

Looking at the window sticker it looks like 2.75 years of maintenance left is NON TRANSFERABLE. That’s probably a couple of thousand in price?

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If you are interested we can discuss using private messages, I don’t want to talk money in public if that is ok.

But yes, in essence that is what I was looking for given it is such a good deal for this particular car and will not be repeatable given that MSD’s are going away in a few weeks.