2017 BMW X3 Service Loaner (fully loaded) 280/mo 600 DAS

Hi Guys,

Been on the forums for a while as a lurker and recently got a little more active. I posted a few
threads about X3’s and X1 loaners and gathered all the tips you guys gave me to get myself
this bad boy :slight_smile:

2017 BMW X3 Service Loaner

MSRP: $50,445 (xline package, cold weather, nav, driving assistance, lighting package, apple carplay)
Selling Price: $38,888 (they forced a 1k theft system on me :/) (23% off!!!)
Monthly Payment (tax inclusive): $280.01 (yes, they made a big deal over that penny)
Down Payment: $600 (total driveoff with 1st month)
MSD: (not available)
Incentives: $2500 ($1500 lease credit and $1000 loyalty)

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .0024 (yes, this was complete bs, but they wouldn’t budge and the msrp discount made this deal still worthwile imo)
Residual: 70% (sales price took a $895 hit)

Tax Rate: 7.75%
Leasehackr Score: 15.4
Pre-filled Calculator link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Let me know what you guys think! And I’m happy to help out anyone looking to get a 2017 X1 or X3 before these month’s incentives end!

Finally, a picture of my new baby


Can you PM a dealership? All I am getting is like $450+/month for a loaner.

Looks good. Mckenna is my guess looking the plate.
I got mine for $340 $0 down $15K

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As @gluck said, this was at mckenna and it was unfortunately their last one. Other dealerships I had really good luck with pricing with were ShellyBMW (they have a lot of active hackrs on these forums), BMWofVista, and bmw of Murrieta (bmw Dave is your guy for this dealer).

Nice! I didn’t realize their residuals was so high. Time to start looking at x3s

Nice, enjoy! Got my 330i loaner lease at McKenna too, had a great experience and no surprises.

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Wow! What a deal. 2020

Just got the 48K 2017 BMW X3 5K loaner for $300 monthly including taxes and $500 drive off. Will put the details later. Thanks to Kesha for putting the dealers names.


Nice job and a great deal! Glad to help! Which dealer?

BMW of Vista. Started with $410 monthly and finally agreed for $300 if I can pickup today. Had to drive 70miles but I think it was worth it. Actually we agreed on this deal for a car with a lower price but while I was travelling to the dealership, they emailed that the car was sold from another dealership(autonation) close by. I told them that they have to give me some other X3 as I was 15min from the dealership. They found the this vehicle costlier than the one we had a deal and gave the same deal. In fact I think they lost more because this SUV has little bit more than 5K miles. I didnt ask. But it shows that this dealership is very good

@LeaseHero @anurag_anurag2005

Guys - I am in the market for a new car. Open to any as long as the payment is decent. This seems like a pretty good deal. Any advise where can I can find X3 at these prices?

Sometimes, cars get grandfathered or have the ability to be slightly over 5k and still get incentives. I’m unsure the details about it, but I’ve seen it done. Glad it worked out though and its great to hear how accommodating they were to you. I’m in love with the grey paint job that we both pulled off :slight_smile:


Read above in the thread, I posted many SoCal and LeaseHackr friendly dealers, but you’re going to need to do the work yourself. Best of luck!

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The dealer agent did mention somehow in directly that they have to take a hit on that lease credit because of this confusion but I did not discuss further as it was their issue. So not sure what really happened. I will take a look at the document tomorrow to see what rebates they gave me

It was interesting when the finance guy looked at the figure. He could not believe for a second that the monthly payment was $300 and only $500 drive off. He went out to verify

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I agreed on the deal on the white one but the grey looks much much better

Wow, impressive. I’ve been lurking here for a but (first post) and I’m not getting anything near this ballpark. Noone is budging below low $600s or high $500s for X3s. May start looking out of state.

Just keep in mind folks, they artificially inflated the x3 residual this month to move the 2017. Tomorrow is the last day to lease 2017’s with BMW.

The 2018 x3 will lease nowhere near as good as this for at least another year.

Congrats on the deal!

Did you mean yesterday (03/31/2018) or are they extending it till today (04/01/2018)?

Programs end April 2nd

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It’s Easter Sunday. No dealer is open (or should be open). The programs extend into tomorrow as a result.

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