2017 BMW X3 Service Loaner (fully loaded) 280/mo 600 DAS


how do you find loaners for lease?


I asked the dealers by contacting them. I generally used the online chat to give my info and wait for dealers to get back. Some BMW dealers website has the link for loaners but not all of them


Great thanks for the confirmation.

Maybe a it’s SoCal thing but the only days I’ve seen large dealers close is Christmas.


Soooo can any East Coast dealers on here match that on an X3 or X1? Let’s get it on!


Or maybe one in the south!


Can reasonably assume any x3 under 5000 miles is a loaner. Use cargurus to help sort


This^ as well as looking at the stock numbers. Cars with “SL” in the stock number are typically loaners. Also, a lot of BMW dealer websites now have a “service loaner inventory” tab which makes things easier too


where is the location? i am interested.


This is a deal I already closed, not marketplace. But I welcome you to use the info I laid out to find yourself one close to it! This was at Mckenna bmw and it was their last x3 loaner.


I was asking around for a similar deal for $500 down with ~$300 monthly payment on a 17 X3 loaner, but turned down by all the dealers. Quotes came back with around $470 monthly…
Almost thought my day was done, till I received an offer for $500 down with $351/month for a new 17 X3, which is their last one in stock. Can’t seem to resist this price so just took it.


I am also interested in a Loaner for less than 300. Please let me know if you see any deals in NJ area.


The trick is to not let them know about your monthly/das immediately as most will laugh at a sub-300 x3. Negotiate sales price and then go from there is what I found most successful.

But congrats on your deal! 350 for a new is solid


These forums don’t work that way, you gotta do the work yourself or hire a broker.


yeah, I was only quoting for prices in the first round, and they came back with ~$470…
Some dealer nearby wouldn’t even reply emails nor would they call me back. I wonder if they got too many new cars waiting to be sold while nobody was even interested in selling the loaners…
Guess that dealer was really desperate to sell their last new 17 X3, and I was the only guy asking on that day…


Forgot to thank @kesha for posting this, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get it the last minute ! :grin:


You can not lease a 2017 anymore lease support ended yesterday unless you already submitted your credit application through your dealer so all these 2017 deals are gone …there no way anyone would get closed to this deal on a 2018 anytime soon It’s a new model totally redesign


Killer deal man! Congrats


I really like the uncommon color


Hi - 1st post, but been lurking and learning for 6 months. This forum rocks.

QQ: I see A TON of new 2017 X3’s on auto trader with 2-5k miles. Is it true there is no way to get this deal?


Unfortunately BMW financial dropped full lease support of 2017 x3s this month so a deal like this cannot be replicated