2017 BMW X3 nicely optioned

Please email with any questions jim2527@hotmail.com

Is it common for X3s to lease significantly higher than 1%, even despite being a demo? At $600 a month you can get a lot more than a $50k demo car… I’ll be extremely impressed if you can offload this.

1.1% is hardly ‘significantly higher’…

I’m not asking for the lease to be critiqued, if I was it would’ve been posted in the ‘ask the Hackrs’ forum. I put Zero down and and Zero MSD’s and it’s a 12k/year lease not a 10k/year.

So, please do NOT critique. If your interested email me.

Going to get my popcorn, this should be interesting posting in a forum known for critiquing and asking that no one critiques a terrible lease payment on a previous demo car.

Please just take the lease no comments or questions.

Think you will have an easier time on Swapalease, I don’t think they comment on them at all.

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I’ve posted all relevant information.

My email is jim2527@hotmail.com

this is a pretty bad lease considering you can easily get this new for less money on a similar msrp.

You posted it on leasehackr. This site is for GOOD leases, not bad ones

Obviously you haven’t been on this forum much

You really posted this on the wrong site, don’t pawn off a bad lease here. I suggest adding an incentive, if not then you aren’t serious about getting rid of it.

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Surprised that this was a @loberant deal because he had some AMAZING deals.

He must have needed a vacation. A nice vacation. With the whole family. Somewhere exotic. And a long one. Flying first class.


Please can you talk more about the miles?

X3 had 7350 miles on it when I leased it. Lease is for 12k miles per year for 3 years. So that’s 36K miles on top of the 7350.

Lease ends February 2020 with up to 43,350 miles on the vehicle.

LOL [20 chars…]

Seriously though you should try posting this on LS. I think you’ll get a lot more traction there and move your lease quickly.

Oh - my bad. Will refrain from critiquing this fantastic offer since you clearly weren’t looking for feedback, because what’s a 0.1% difference anyway, right? (Spoiler alert, it’s $72/mo on a demo).

Not laughing at you at all right now…

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Two snaps and a twist!

He’s messaging me to stop critiquing this. Lol

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He should read a recent BMW transfer thread were the guy gave up on his $4,600 down payment to move the car quickly.

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Same. I told him take the shit lease somewhere else.

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If he is at $200 less a month I might have potential take overs for him, this price is for a good deal on a loaded X5.

I was underwhelmed with many of @loberant’s deals, he had a few good ones (maybe 3% of deals) but most were pretty average. This one appears to be a rather poor one. And OP your 12k miles a year is a net difference of $500, $15 a month on a 36 month lease.