2017 BMW X3 lease

2017 X3 M-SPORT Edition, almost all options/packages.

MSRP: $57k
Selling Price: $40k 29% Off
Rebates: $2,500
Trade-in: NONE

Annual Mileage: 10,000
Total miles on vehicle: 77

MF: base MF
Residual: 59%

Security Deposit: NONE
Total Due At Signing: $1,000
Monthly Payment (plus tax): $262

Leasehackr Score: 15

This deal is my unicorn, it can’t be replicated to my knowledge. Special thanks to @lulu29 and others who posted their knowledge. -Much appreciated!

Love the new form factor of the new 2018 X3, but at this price with the M-Soprt and 360 CAM option…I am more then happy.


was it a demo? 20202020

Wow! That’s amazing price… in California?

Amazing deal. Congrats.

pics or it didn’t happen


Was it the 35i? (20202020)

With this kind of discount 24m should have been even better.

Incredible deal. Would love to know what part of the country, just for reference.

This another BMW of Akron deal?

It has to be. They had one I was eyeing up, and I was told it was sold last week, and just waiting to be shipped.

You snooze, you lose

That wasn’t the issue. My wife has an Equinox she hates, but doesn’t want to pay more than she’s paying now (women). I was 2k away from keeping her payment where it was for 2 years. Had it not been for the Equinox, this would’ve been a sub 200/mo deal for 24 months. Oh well.

I dont need a car but at this price heck I will buy one :smile:

at that payment it would be silly not to keep it for 36 mo, even if the 24 mo is cheaper

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That discount is insane I tried couple dealers in Ohio max is like maybe %15 off on their loaners. They don’t even believe that anyone would discount that deep. It is a damn used/abused loaner but I guess they miss the point…

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Fantastic job and even better to see this kind of deal within the tri-state if it’s the dealer that was speculated.

Looks like there are a few more deals to be made at Advantage BMW in Houston. They are listing 2017 x3’s at 7-13k off MSRP.

Do not get to excited Houston , i tracked some BMW demos. The dealers change the pricing to a ridiculous low “lease” price. i call and the vehicle WAS Sold over the weekend. The dealership change the price AFTER the vehicle is sold. Good to get people calling and coming in. shady. Good luck hackrs. some great starting points. https://www.bmwwest.com/executive-demos.htm

Can you share how you negotiated the price?

looking for the right script so the dealer or I don’t not run away from each other

Everyone’s script is a little different and what works for one dealer won’t work for another. Just do some reading here - there have been a number of posts about how to start hacking a deal. See what works for you and give it a try. I’ve done this a lot and I can tell you that some dealers will run if you just question their initial offer - nothing personal, just move on to the next.