2017 BMW I3 REX - SO CAL - 0.2% of MSRP

2017 BMW I3 REX

MSRP: $55645
Selling Price: $48217 (13.35%)
Rebates: $7500 IPERF, $2000 Holiday, $2000 Loyalty, $1000 Grad, $1000 OL Code = $13500

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10000

MF: 0.00153 (difference was a $1 from base MF)
Residual: 64%

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: $1850 (Tax on rebates, TTL, and first months)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $119.85 (qualifies for SCE $450 rebate which brings payment to $101)

Zip Code: 90710
Sales Tax Rate: 9.5%

Leasehackr Score: 37.2


How do you get that OL code ?? Any way I can get that in norcal??

It was the link someone posted on the forum here, winter x drive sweepstake. . One dealership didn’t let me use it, but Im pretty sure they were just lying to me. The dealer I got this from took a few hours to verify if it would work and they said it did, so they honored it.

I have one more, but Im trying to work on an X1 by tomorrow. If I dont use it, ill send it to you as long as your dealership will allow for it.

Thanks a ton. Congrats on great deal.

Can you share which dealer and sales rep? I’m in socal and looking to replicate the same deal

I’m new and have been catching up on all the threads. Congrats on that Leasehackr score! This is an amazing deal and I would also love to hear which dealer and sales rep. Local in LA and would love to score a similar deal. Thanks in advance!

Pm sent … 20 chara

Pm sent … 2. 0… ch

Can you send me the dealer and rep as well? Great deal!

@slol possible to share dealer details with me as well? Thanks!

done… check your PM

pM sent to you as well.

Could you pm me dealer info please

PM details please? I’d love to get this deal in NorCal.

Never seen a 0.2 deal before lol. Your cap cost came out lower than the residual :joy:
Incredible deal congrats!

PM details please? I’d love to get this deal in Sacramento.

Please PM me the dealer info as well. Thank you!

PM details as well, Thank you.

pm details as well please @slol. Or could @Dhaase, @theplaindealer, @Payton, @cyu12 send if you get this sooner

@slol can you please PM me the dealer as well? Thank you!