2017 BMW i3 REX, $231/month in SoCal

2017, BMW i3 REX, White exterior, Giga trim, light eucalyptus interior, moonroof, parking assist.

MSRP: $52,245.00
Selling price: $45,000.00 (13.87% off MSRP!!!)
Rebates: $7,500.00 Fed Tax Rebate + $2,500.00 Down (CA CVRP rebate) + $1,500.00 AARP discount (age is not a requirement for AARP membership).
Trade-in: $0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: .00091 (after MSD 7)
Residual: 58%

Security Deposit: $1750.00
Total Due At Signing: $6,000 (includes $2500 from CA CVRP rebate + $1750 security deposit + fees and taxes)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $231.18

Zip Code: 90291
Sales Tax Rate: 8.75%

Dealership: BMW of Ontario, Mike Scholz


The AARP discount is similar to the corp fleet discount. You should have gotten $1,500 off and a reduction of .00020 in MF as an AARP member. If I did not have the the corp fleet discount, I would be joining AARP for $12 (fist year fee). Like you said, anybody can join. Ton of 30 year olds on bimmerfest that are AARP members.


@SoloPierre I double checked my lease agreement and you’re correct. The AARP discount is $1,500 off. It doesn’t look like the discount affected by MF but I had paid MSD 7 to get an MF of .00091. Maybe the MSD dropped my MF to the lowest available?

A very solid deal. Congrats and enjoy the ride!

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Glad to hear you got the full $1,500 on the AARP discount. Congrats on the deal. My wife and I love our i3 Rex. They only regret we have is the mileage allowance. Should have gotten 12K instead of 10K annually. We drive it everywhere.

Where did the federal rebate roll in? How did you get the full 7500? I thought lease only got 4000 and purchase 7500…

Would you please share the dealer’s email?

Good find guys on the AARP discount and fleet MF reduction :slight_smile:

@Buddyleecia I haven’t heard there to be a difference in tax credit based on leasing or financing. This article might help, though. https://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/the-ins-and-outs-of-electric-vehicle-tax-credits.html

@gerwalk I don’t love putting other people’s email addresses on the web without their consent (a bit old fashioned of me, perhaps). However, if you call BMW of Ontario I’m sure they’ll give you Mike Scholz’s email address!


You’re correct I was remembering the 330e which only gets 4k.

How did you get the selling price from MSRP? I mean obviously that’s not after the $7500 tax rebate (45000+7500=52500, which is larger than 52245), so is the sales price 45000-7500-2500-1500?

Does anyone know how much electricity you’ll have to pay monthly with these electric cars? Sorry really have zero experience in such vehicles.

Well, it’s obviously going to depend heavily on how much you drive. Best way is to look at your electric bill and see how much you get charged per kWh (this may depend on time of day). For me, it’s like 16cents per kWh if I charge in middle of night. Then you can multiple by the battery size of the car to see how much it would cost to “fill up” the car. I put “fill up” in quotes because there’s a habit change with electric cars. You usually will be topping off the car whenever it’s parked at home, and not just when it’s almost at zero charge, like a gasoline engine.

While it does depend how much you drive, electrical cost, and other factors, I’ll tell you I used my Nissan Leaf as a daily driver approximately 60mi/day, and my electricity bill went up roughly $30/month. It was certainly much cheaper than gas.

Thanks @hurijo and @hangman, very helpful information. Did you get the charging station? Not sure if it’s worth it. And most importantly, how do I get charged when I’m on the road, and how quickly?

I did not buy the charging station, I just used the standard 15 amp plug that came with the car. It was very slow, but most of the time I just plugged it in overnight and it was full by morning. There was once or twice I came home from work and had to go someplace right away and had to drive down to walgreens near my house and plug into the fast charger for 30 minutes. Which gets to your second question. In my area there are two major brands, Blink and Chargepoint. I just signed up on their website and they mail you an RFID card to start up the machine and charge your credit card. If you’re getting a BMW I saw there was a promotion for 1 year free DC fast charging with chargepoint. I’d definitely look into that. If you’ve got one close to your house, you could theoretically charge on your way to/from work for free.

Excellent information. Thanks so much!! With the REX I guess I can just fill up the gas tank (only 2.4 gallon I know) on the road?

I had a leaf, so no REX, but that’s my understanding. I read some reviews that said if you are low on power, the REX does limit your speed and acceleration and some mentioned it can be a bit noisy. For me having electric only wasn’t a problem, it just forced you to think ahead a little bit and plan your trip. I don’t know your situation, but I bet if you bought a REX, you’d find it rarely kicks in.

The REx is just like training wheels. The reality is that you won’t notice it at all unless you are reckless and forget to gas up. It is not noisy but it is obviously louder than the electric motor whine. The REx provides up to 35 miles per gallon, depending on how you drive and temperature. As generally suggested elsewhere, you probably won’t have it come on for (I’d say) 90% of your use. Enjoy the car. It’s amazing and peppy.