2017 BMW 320i 36/12k $273/month, $500 drive off first payment/fees

2017 BMW 320i with Driver assistance package and heated seats

MSRP: [$36500]
Selling Price: [$34500]
Rebates: [$3000 Lease cash, 1000 Recent grad, 500 USAA rebate]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

Residual: 60%

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [First payment + fees (500)]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$273]

Zip Code: [77030] (TX)

Leasehackr Score: [11.6]

This is my first lease! I’m happy with the score though I probably could have done better off the MSRP?


That monthly and drive-off look good, but the numbers don’t add up, especially in TX. Are you sure the sales price wasn’t lower? Also, did you get tax credits or have any trade-in?

That’s sounds like a great deal. Would you be able to upload an image of the price breakdown from your buyers order or lease contract?

Much appreciated.

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The $273 is good, but like the other guys said, it looks like we are missing some info.

when I plug your number into the calc. it shows 362 a month… I must be missing something…

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I see how you got this payment. Looks like you were able to get them to give you a tax credit. So instead of paying 6.25%, you probably paid 1.5%.

Applying $4500 lease cash and other rebates, I can get to $274 in monthly payment. I think it’s a great deal.

Can you link to your calculations? Even with a low doc fee of $80, making the $4500 rebates untaxed and calculating 0% tax, I still get a monthly of $331 with $811 due at signing.

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When I get home and can grab the paperwork, I will upload the quote that I got. Maybe the sales price was lower then I recalled? I did that off of memory, will update in a few hours. My final deal was more then that since I added some other stuff to it.

Nice. My local dealer is nowhere near that.

Is AARP discount completely gone?

Good stuff, post pics in the trophy garage and upload your paperwork here!

very nice, as much as I don’t like the 320i but at that price I would have to rethink it lol.

Great deal, especially in Texas! I might have to pick one up for the wife at that price. I’m in Dallas so very interested in seeing the paperwork so I can possibly duplicate this.

AARP is completely dead. They killed it earlier than the expiration date (which was in May 2017 if I remember) because it was being used by everyone. Apparently the folks at BMW didn’t realize that you didn’t have to be 55+ to join AARP…

If only MSD’s were still an option…

Looks like the selling price was further negotiated to $33,500. With $4,500 in incentives and full sales tax credit, it comes out to be $275 a month. Let’s wait and see the detailed quote to validate this.

Here you go guys. 4700 off sticker, and then 3000 lease cash, 1000 recent grad, 500 USAA, and then I got them to apply a 2k dealer coupon.

ohh you have $6500 as your rebate… that’s why…
2k dealer coupon? every dealer has it? how to get them to apply that?

Yep, the extra 2000 comes from a dealer coupon, which will make reproducing this difficult I think. I feel satisfied though, seems like it was a pretty solid deal?

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your deal looks great! but don’t know if every dealer has that $2000 coupon though… How did you get them to apply that $2000 coupon?