2017 Alfa Giulia

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Alfa Giulia
Months/Annual Mileage: 24/10, 36/10
Zip Code: 63303

Will be bumping this each month to start tracking these residuals.

Anyone got em?

AWD 24/10 .00082 /62%(15K)
RWD 24/10 .00152/64%(15K)
Ti AWD 24/10 .00012/60%(15K)
Ti RWD 24/10 .00055/61%(15K)

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Inquired about one of these and they have quite possibly the worst leases I’ve ever seen

AWD 24/10 .00082 /62%(15K)
RWD 24/10 .00152/64%(15K)
TiAWD 24/10 .00012/60%(15K)
TiRWD 24/10 .00055/61%(15K)

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Not surprising at all, given it’s coming out after a lot of hype.

I’m mostly curious to see how they’ll be when my mini lease comes up in December. :slight_smile: So starting to track now to see if there are any trends.

Wow, I thought M2 residuals were bad…

From the web site, it looks like it’s around 50% on 36/10 and corresponding APR 1.49%. Will see in two years when my lease is up :slight_smile:

These will be the next Hellcat/Ghibli deals in about a year or so; maybe two.

I guarentee it. - Jos A. Bank

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Nope, George Zimmer


Can’t wait!

Will be interesting to see how Alfa depreciates, or if they’ll try and compete with the 3 series with inflated residuals.

Not surprised since they are cash hungry like when Tesla first started. The automatic front lip thingamabob is pretty cool. But not as cool as the spoiler that popps out on the f-type :slight_smile:

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Hang on, we are only talking about the standard car here. Nowhere was Quadrifoglio mentioned. They don’t even have lease terms for that version yet. All straight cash buys and finance.

Yea, if it’s anything like the 4C, the super top trim car will never be a best seller and they won’t let it sell for a discounted price.

However the base Giulia is destined to be a 3-series fighter like the Jag XE (another car I’m keeping an eye on).

Subscribed, as I’m interested in the QFolio as well.

They do have lease terms, but you won’t like it:

APR 4.64%

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I’ll take 3 at that price! :slight_smile:

3 Hellcats for sure :slight_smile:

Giulia TI with Sport Package.
According to Cars Direct there is now Conquest Cash, Lease Bonus Cash, and “promotional lease offer. Cash bonus is 1750.
Anybody try to lease one yet? I saw a ti with the sport package and the 19” wheels it was very sharp. Sticker was ~50500 .

I don’t think they are going to lease well with current residuals or getting a huge discount, neither of which are probably going to happen in the first year.

They’re gonna have to pay off that Super Bowl half time show so prices are gonna have to stay high for awhile.

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