2017 Acura RDX w/Advabnce PKG for #507/mo?

Hi, guys, here’s what i was offered. Honestly, doesn’t seem to me at all like a nice or even considerable deal. Please, share your opinion and where are they trying to pull more money of me then i should really pay for. I was told that residual is not negotiable and it won’t change unless i want to do 3y/12K mi deal for ~$482/mo (all taxes are included in any case). Payment is also including GAP coverage (again, as i was told, standard for all Acura vehicles)


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Acura RDX]

MSRP: [$44,660]
Selling Price: [$41,688]
Rebates: [$750 Conquest Incentive]
Acquisition Fee: $595
License Fee: $89 Registration Fee + $75 License Plate Fee + $20 Wheel Tax
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [15,000]

MF: [0.00076]
Residual: [25426.20]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,425.14]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$507.27]

Zip Code: [53227]
Sales Tax Rate: [5.6%]

I believe there is $1250 lease cash available. FYI, leased a 17 RDX AWD w/Advance last July for $490/mo 36/10k miles, 0 down, sign n drive, dealer paid first month as well. You can do better.

Thanks, mlov1022.
In other words, you think such an offer rather acceptable and worth of signing in? I was not able to get any other incentives or rebates besides one i indicated.

Shop it around. Negotiate the best/lowest selling price and apply the $1250 lease cash and $750 conquest after. You should be able to do better than I did. Closer to $450/mo.

Not very good, although it’s an SUV and fairly popular so they didn’t discount sales price much. The dealer is correct that the residual is set by Acura and cannot be changed. Not sure how quickly you need a vehicle but you could pass and see if they call you at end of month. Also, I believe March is considered year end for Acura, Lexus and Infiniti so better deals might be had then.

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You should be able to get a Lexus RX350 for around that payment to be honest. The RDX simply doesn’t lease too well

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Ok, memo on that. Thanks again!

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My current lease ends by end of March, so i have plenty of time to shop around. That’s honestly what i thought to do, keep conversation to the latest dates of the month and then see what happens.

My son has a '15 RX350 F-Sport. How much i like that car, so I was disappointed with a look and interior of a new gen. I’d rather consider an MDX, which redesigned doesn’t look as great for me either.

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