2017 Acura MDX Base AWD - Done Deal - $509 w/tax 36/12

Hey guys. Trying to follow up on my Volvo S90 deal a few weeks ago with a new ride for the Mrs. Been looking at the MDX and the QX60. Looks like the MDX is the preferred ride to start with so let’s give it a whirl.

First numbers are never good so I’ll spare you those. Here’s where I am now. This is working with one local dealer and they aren’t offering to move on their own much any more. They’ve already kicked into “we’ll sell you the floor mats and mud flaps for half price” mode which isn’t a good sign. Starting to take the discussions to other local and regional dealers now.

2017 Acura MDX AWD Base

47025 MSRP - Invoice listed as 44201)
44878 Discount (4.5% off)
41878 Net Cap (3k incentive)
199 Admin Fee
595 Acq Fee
42672 Gross Cap

58% RV, .0005 MF
519/mo w tax (9.1%)

I’m not being pushed to make this move now but I figured the timing of model year change was a good time. Does anyone know historically how incentives have been on MDXs? Is there a way to look? I swear I haven’t seen incentives in the past few months (was looking before buying the S90). Curious if this is a good time to buy what is otherwise a rig that doesn’t lease great. I’ve considered the other options - not doing domestic, don’t care for Hyundai, Volvo too much, QX60 ok second option. Missing any?

Any other discounts or methods to go after?

Thanks for the help, as always.

I would test drive the Mazda CX-9 before making a decision. I chose the Mazda over the MDX after test driving both. For much less than $519 you an get a fully loaded Mazda with comparable quality. Looks better and drives better in my opinion. The entertainment system of the MDX was especially underwhelming. If your heart is set on it, I would wait for the 2018 model.


Appreciate that. We went and looked at them. Didn’t even get to the test drive. We have 2 kids and carpool often with smaller kiddos. The operation of the middle seat to get to the rear seats was the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen. It was hard and confusing for adults and unworkable for the kids. It may seem petty but that’s a non-starter.

I agree the CX9 is a great looking rig. Not sure they lease great considering their price either but it would be cheaper monthly.

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With XC90 you’ll get extra $500 loyalty on top of $3,750 and dealer discounts.

I hear ya…it’s a tough road to hoe though. Need the T6 for the 7-seater. Inventory around here is trimmed out from 60300 and up. Even with the incentives and working a 12% off deal before incentives, I’m still in the neighborhood of $555/mo for 36/12.

Unless there’s some reason to believe they’d discount further than 12% that they did on the S90???

Once you actually drive the higher end models the middle seat operation will be forgotten. I got the Touring with premium package (which I believe is fairly similar feature wise to the MDX with tech package) for $400 with zero drive off in NJ about ten days ago (10k/36m). The kids have no issue operating the middle seat mechanism and getting themselves in the third row and there is much bigger space in the Mazda. Also, the operation of the entertainment system is much more intuitive (similar to the iDrive in my BMW).

Kind of in the same boat here. Not sure how the 4 cylinder engine in CX-9 would perform when loaded with passengers and cargo. Gorgeous looking vehicle though.

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The Mazda’s torque is much more substantial than the MDXs and is closer to the X5 numbers, giving it an amazing drive in the city. It feels like a sporty sedan.
See attached comparison. BTW, you can use premium gas with the Mazda increasing the HP to 250

Now that we’ve settled that @al74 would recommend we all go buy CX-9s… :wink:

Everyone should go drive everything personally that they are at least halfway interested in. Numbers are one thing, actual driving is another. I loved the look/feel of the Mazda6 but was totally underwhelmed by the 4 in it. The thing hardly put out cold air sitting at a light. Yes, CX-9 is turbo but that turbo isn’t always there, heat soak, etc. I’ll take a NA V6 any day over a turbo 4.

I’m interested to know how often Acuras go for invoice or below? We get used to talking about 10-12% discounts before incentives around here but SUVs, and decently-selling SUVs, seem to be a different story?


Update -

So I’ve had a competing local dealer offer me 512/mo with some other extras included (splash guards, door edge trim - stupid stuff). The difference from the other offer really only comes down to about $220 off of gross cap. Downside to this dealer is first color choice isn’t available while it is at the first dealer.

We’re playing around invoice numbers here. Unless someone knows otherwise, I suppose I can’t do much better than invoice on this unit?

Other piece I have yet to work is cash back on trade in net of lease payoff. Per KBB, at good condition, my current Pilot (11 mo left on lease) is worth $1900 more than my payoff. The first dealer says he can’t work on the MDX price but maybe he can work on the trade. So that needs consideration also.

I’m thinking about going to the first dealer and telling him if he’ll do 500/mo on the MDX and 3k cash on the trade, I’ll sign today. Thoughts?

I’ll just comment and leave this here for anyone else looking for info on MDXs - it seems to be rare.

Ended up doing the unit quoted above for 509/mo, first month and tags due at signing, no down payment. Negotiated the trade for ~1000 above average trade value and also added about $1k in accessories (all season mats, flaps, wheel locks, remote start).


36 months/12k miles
$0 down

Is this a good deal? I was given this offer.

Seems to beat my deal. Depending how you’ve worked em, maybe there’s more room. At least in the KC region, MDXs seem to still be moving well so neither dealership here was biting on anything below invoice.

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Does the deal include tax? What is the MSRP of this vehicle? Looks pretty solid.

Hadn’t thought about tax. My $509 was with 9.1% tax in it…so that’s 467 w/o tax.

Base AWD is 47025 w dest included.

This is in IL . I was told it’s out the door cost to me. MSRP is 47025. I’m trying to get out of my toyota lease before I can finalize the mdx. Will let you know if it’s switched on me when I visit the dealer.

If the MSRP is $47K, then $475 taxes in is all I would go. MDX’s do not lease great. Honda does not offer MSD’s to lower the MF either to help get your payment down.

How much would a Pilot Elite go for? I would prefer that over an MDX personally, but that’s because I feel Acura has really gone downhill since 2008, and the new ones are ugly as shit.

The Pilot leases terribly. For 36/12k on the Elite, the MF is 0.002 and residual is 56%, and they don’t discount them much. As an example, I calculated around $660 per month with a 6% discount. You’re better off financing at that price. Or just stick with the MDX…

That’s what made the MDX an easy choice for us. We had a 2016 Pilot lease that still amazes me, honestly. It was brand new when we got it (first 2 months of availability), the MF/RV was good then and we got a decent discount (10%). Our payment was 435/mo but that was with 2k of positive equity rolled into it. Didn’t realize the risk that was back then…whoopsie.

When I went into this deal, I knew again I had positive equity (it’s a Honda/Acura thing) but I was going to hold it back and use it as payment fodder instead. So I used the calculator to calculate equivalent payments. If I got $2k cash out of the trade and used it over 36 payments vs putting it down, I could have a nothing-down lease payment of $498 and it would be effectively the same as much current 435/mo w 2k down lease. So I worked both pieces of the deal that way - the trade in and the new lease. When they wouldn’t move lower on the lease end, I squeezed on the trade in. Ended up getting 3k cash on the trade (about $1k above KBB average) and a 509/mo nothing down payment which calculates to an equivalent of $416/mo had I put that 3k down.

In the end, I have a base MDX for ~$20 less per month than the Pilot EX-L lease I had. Could not have done another Pilot EX-L for that price now.

And I get it, some people won’t pay over 1% for any car. Acuras/Hondas have been our no-brainer favorites for nearly 10 years in the segment. The success of the deal will pass - driving a car you don’t like hangs around for 3 years.

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