2016 Toyota Rav4 Limited AWD - Is $265 a month before tax a Good Deal?

I am working on a deal right now that would be for a 2016 Toyota Rav4 Limited AWD. MSRP is $35,773. I am located in NW Indiana/Chicagoland. I am wondering if the deal I am negotiating of $265 a month (before tax) is a good deal. Looking at only first month payment due at signing.

Thoughts… Need feedback ASAP as I am going into the dealership tomorrow morning!

This would be 12k miles / 36 months.

Thanks in advance.

if you be able to get 350 for 35773 car would be good. 265 looks like a dream. if it will happen, please share with us.

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Good to know. We’ll see what happens in the morning.

Any other suggestions for a small SUV for $275 with 0 down that I should consider?

Or any other vehicle for that matter at that price that would be a good buy!

I guess it depends what kind of features you want/need. I didn’t even know it was possible to get a RAV4 with an MSRP that high, so it must be pretty loaded. And the monthly lease price you’re being offered for that MSRP car seems like a great deal.

Base VW Tiguans have been going pretty cheap, but I don’t know if that holds true with higher trim levels. You can also usually get a sedan for less than a similarity equipped SUV, but again it depends what you’re looking for.

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What sedan woul you suggest. What seems to be the best bang for your buck if considering $265 a month that you have seen?

Thanks in advance.

Yes good deal based on rav4 MSRP and RAV4 leasing in general. Admittedly with a little maneuvering you could get an XC60 or Range Rover Discovery for 300 but if this is not in the cards, then the RAV4 is a good deal.

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Ok good to know. I didn’t go into this intending to lease such a loaded RAV4. In fact I originally tried replicating another RAV4 deal of hybrid XLE AWD for $245, but dealer had none in stock and instead is offering this.

My initial budget was $250 or less. Is there anything else I should be considering before pulling trigger on this one?

$225-$250 with solid features and packages… fully loaded not a must by any means…

Most importantly I’m just looking for the “Best Buy”.

Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee be had anywhere close to this?

Thanks in advance and sorry for so many questions. This will be my first time leasing. I’ve been following this forum for a while, but still not totally confident in my abilities to negotiate the best deal.

Curious to hear this as well. Also does Toyota offer a recent grad discount?

I would not expect you being able to lease a Grand Cherokee anywhere near $250/month.

Toyota has a $750 rebate that can be used for leasing. Their site can provide details on qualifications.

If Best Buy, then the RAV4 Limited for 265 is a great buy. I believe it also comes with Toyota Care, so you will really be happy with not having to pay for maintenance.

Well I love plugging Volkswagen since I leased a Jetta Sport over the summer and feel that it’s a great value. You could get a Jetta Sport (middle range of the trim levels) for under $200 or a similarly equipped Passat (larger vehicle) for a bit over $200. There’s also the Dodge Charger and Ford Fusion/Taurus to consider (lower trims).

No. and that vehicle is huge in size compared to the RAV4. If you want a Jeep, check out the (regular) Cherokee, Patriot, Renegade.


So I showed up and went over the numbers… all looked good, although it was $275 after all… this was frustrating, but still a great deal.

Anyway before I 100% signed it, I asked if I could test drive (I had driven a 2016 XLE last year once) but wanted to just confirm I liked everything about it.

On test drive all was confirmed and we went back to finalize paperwork…

Upon arrival back the internet sales manager approached us and said he had just accepted deposit on that exact vehicle (last 2016 limited RAV4 in the area).

I was livid. They felt terrible but weren’t able to do too much to make me happy. Tried working numbers on a 2017 XLE with no luck.

Now I’m back to the drawing board! :rage:

Would you please elaborate more on XC60 deal ? I have not seen any with less than 300 bucks

I am sorry to hearing that, do you know what was the selling price ?

Check out the front page deal on the highlander

No way you can get XC60 for $300 or less at this point. Not 2016, nor 2017.

I don’t have the sheet in front of me, but it was several thousand below invoice.

Anyone else have suggestion for a small SUV/crossover ?

$275 or less with $0 down?

Requires pretty substantial money upfront… doesn’t it?