2016 Toyota Rav4 Limited AWD - Is $265 a month before tax a Good Deal?

How about Renegade? I saw they have around $8K off, but on financing. Not sure what you get on a lease.

Buick Encore? VW Tiguan?

Definitely look at the Equinox. The incentives are pretty good right now as long as you can find one with a bonus tag. We got ours last December for $240 a month with taxes and fees upfront. $33,000ish MSRP if I recall correctly

It would be great if you share the sheet here. Helps other replicate your deal just like others help you get into another deal

Yes, I’m going to try and find it in my binder when I get back in the office. Hope to be able to provide it

It wasn’t an official sheet. Just his scribbles on paper outlining the details.

If you are looking for an excellent price and don’t mind driving one of the small Jeep models, you should be able to get an extremely good lease payment on a Jeep Patriot or Jeep Compass. There is an Edmunds banner ad right now that acts as an EXTRA $1,000 off on top of any zero-down offers you receive from a dealer. You should be able to negotiate to about $150/month including monthly sales tax on either Patriot or Compass. If you happen to like either of those models, that would be a very low cost lease.

See the link for reference of zero-down lease options:

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Assuming Toyota dealers has hodlback 2% of base MSRP, with MSRP $35,773 and invoice of $33,142 it is just impossible to get a deal with $275 per month. Where I am making mistake in here ?

Base MSRP is $32,910 and base invoice is $30,770

That was my thought too… They were really looking to sell this car… what got me in the door initially was the Rav 4 Hybrid that is posted on these forums for 245… then they had sold that one so they were really trying to work the limited to make a sale…

One thing I’ve learned after leasing a handful of cars is that it is very difficult to ever fully understand what a dealer’s true cost is. For example, I would guess from time to time dealers are willing to sell a car for a loss for either competitive reasons or to simply get a very stale car off the lot.

Back to basics has always worked for me - don’t try to figure out to the penny what a dealer bought a car for - simply play as many dealers as feasible against each other until they refuse to go any lower. Whether they are losing money or making a bit doesn’t really matter at that point - because you received the most competitive price available at the time.

Why don’t you work with another Toyota dealer in your region and force them to match with this deal? This pressure that your are talking about should be regional and applied to other dealers in your region.

2016 Rav4 Limited for $275 with zero sign off is like a dream for me…
Would really help if you can share the dealer worksheet

Apologies to those I may have offended - I was wrong - there is a down payment and it is more than 300

You were talking about XC60 for $300, not S60 LOL.

Sorry the image was cropped. XC60 is NOT under 300.

Yes, XC60 is out of the game in here…

@vhooloo $429/mo assuming their “Only $2,995 total due” is all cap reduction, which I’m sure it is. You still did not prove your earlier statement.

I think for once he actually admitted he was wrong.

Yeah, he did [20 characters]

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I am planning on going to another dealer in town to try and match this. I talked with one that is working on the numbers and supposed to get back to me in the morning. They did say the ONLY 2016 limited they had was a demo with 5500 miles. Any reason why i would NOT want to lease a demo with that many miles?

Thanks in advance!

Just make sure it does not have chip or dents on the body. As long as you can get a good deal