2016 Ford Focus Electric: $131+tax/month, 36/10.5K, $0 down, $1195 due at signing

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2016 Ford Focus Electric

MSRP: $30045
Selling Price: $27884
Rebates: $3000 Bonus Cash, $12000 Lease Cash
Trade-in: $0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10500

MF: .000311 (.75% APR)
Residual: 31% (30% for 12K, 29% for 15K)

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $1195
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $141 ($72 after $2500 California electric vehicle rebate)

Zip Code: Orange County, CA
Sales Tax Rate: 7.75%

I saw the $119/month with $669 down leasing special on Carsdirect.com.

My dealer matched the terms with a price of $28134. I went with a higher monthly instead of putting $669 down. And they gave me $250.

The lease calculator numbers are slightly off because it doesn’t have an option to finance the taxes.

Actual Total Lease Cost (excluding registration/license fees) is $3221.
$141*36 = $5076 + $645 acquisition fee = $5721 - $2500 CA electric vehicle rebate = $3221.

Edit: I had the MF as .00075 when it should have been .000311 for a .75% APR. I put in the 250 dealer cash as a negative down payment.


Funny I just purchased from HB Ford. $23k selling price. $5k back in state and $7.5k back in federal so $11.5k before tax and shipping. Smoking deal. I would have leased but the 2 way shipping costs kill the deal and lease to purchase I only get half the rebate cash.

What dealer in OC did you get the car from? Could you PM me your sales contact. Thank you!

Ford of Orange. My salesperson was Al Tehrani in Internet Sales.

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I thought lease cash was taxable in CA?

I don’t understand where the $3000 bonus cash is coming from - please explain.

Another question: what does “Post-Sale Rebate” mean and where is that $2500 coming from?

Thank you!

I am new to this forum.

It is. The dealer did the lease in a way that the taxes are financed. The lease calculator on this site doesn’t have a way to show that so I adjusted the numbers to come up with the results ($141/month and $1195 drive off.)

Let me redo it with the exact numbers but the calculator will be off.

Congrats! Enjoy the new car. I leased one June 2014 when the terms were less favorable. My selling price was $2K off MSRP, but it ended up being $500 drive-off and $289/mo for a 36/12K lease, including $500 lease conquest.

It was an excellent car for regular commutes (I did 60 miles a day). The car is hilariously traction limited (rear weight bias, front-drive, torquey electric motor) in the rain, but with the direct steering and well-controlled ride motions, it’s still an engaging driving experience. The car has 30K miles now and range has dropped from about 76 miles to ~65 miles.

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Fairway fordbwill go to $23232 sales price and has several in stock. I will confirm they can match the lease.

If you purchase in addition to the huge rebates, discounts, and tax credits it also gets 0% financing.

$3000 bonus cash is from Ford.

You can see the incentives here:

The $2500 is a rebate from the State of California. There are eligibility restrictions including income caps. There may be additional rebates depending on where you live. For example, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District has another $3000 rebate.

This is in OC if you have tier 1 its signed sealed delivered. They have 4 in stock currently, 1 magnetic 2 white and 1 silver all same equip. I am in no way affiliated with the dealer or benefit financially from the sale. They were my backup dealer incase my HB Ford deal fell through.

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how about 2017, 2016 is same as my 2013 that i just returned

Couldn’t find the thread for the 2015 deal last Spring. How does this deal compare to the one last year? I remember that one being close $4k in total payments after three years.

2017 has $10K in lease cash. It looks like there is an extra $3750 (three incentives; not sure if they can be combined) in lease cash if you have an existing lease through Ford or had a Ford lease that ended 10/4/16 to 1/3/17.

Depending on the residual and money factor for the 2017, it might work out.

Same loyalty lease offers are also available for 2016s. If they are combinable you’d get a free lease.

Hi Michael, your post caught my eye as I’m considering either the focus electric or the leaf and your commute distance seems similar to mine (about 70 miles).

I have a few questions and it would great if you can share your experience:

1)Was your commute primarily highway or city?
2) Did you notice a noticeable decrease in range on the highway?
3) were you able to make the roundtrip to work and back (60miles) without recharging?
4) how long does it take to charge a half-full (after 35 miles of driving ) battery to full (using a standard wall outlet?)

Many thanks,

Was just offered a 175 a month, 0 sign, 0 drive off ( LA county tax) 12k miles with leather. With 2500 back from CA that gets me to 100 a month.

Drove the car last night and while its a bit slow off the line compared to a volt/bolt/I3. The tech in it is incredible for the price.

Have some serious range anxiety but at this price I think it is worth the gamble.

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Hey, is that the 2016 or 2017? Thanks

The Fairway Ford sales rep specifically cited Southern California traffic as the main reason this car doesn’t sell with a range limited battery. Too bad they don’t offer it in more States where it would be more viable.

A 70-mile commute without charging at work would be cutting it close. A 60-mile commute is doable, but you’d have some range anxiety. I was able to charge at both ends, so I didn’t have to watch how I drive.

The car charges at roughly 4 miles per hour on 110V, and roughly 20 miles an hour on 240V. The car is great in town, suburbs, and on urban highways; I’m not sure I’d get one in a rural area, especially if it gets cold. It made perfect sense for my Southern California commute.

I’m having trouble finding a dealer that actually has the 2017 car to lease.