2016 BMW 328i xDrive. How to find the best price?


I’m in the market for a car, and I thought I would give leasing a try (never leased before). I was looking around, and I like the 328i xdrive (AWD) version. I’m located in Chicagoland. I was wondering, what’s the best steps to try and get a lease on this?
It seems BMW is offering a lease option (as they advertise) for $349**/month 36 month, 10K miles/year. $3K down plus first month and $925 acquisition with $350 at the end of lease. I was looking more for a 24-month lease and 12K miles/year.

Is this a good offer? From what I read around here, I should be able to try and see if I can move away from the down payment and max out the multiple security deposits (I think 7 from BMW) which would make the security deposits about equal the down payment. Any tips on how to proceed?


Email blast all dealers you are willing to travel to with the specifics you want. Color, options, msrp, 36/10 36/12 etc.

Base MF after msd is .00089

36/10 is 66%

Thanks. I did that just now.

So, for example, one dealer has a 328i xdrive for 51K. It has a $5800 savings. Using the calculator, assuming 0 down and 7 MSDs, I should be about $490 + sales tax, correct? I assume down payments are not refundable?

Though looking at truecar, the msrp should be around $43,500.

it depends on your State’s tax rate. Only put down first payment & plates and MSD’s.

Hmm OK. So better to put nothing down at all.

Never, unless you enjoy throwing money away.

Herb Chambers Sudbury Mass 3.5 k down, 299 month 24 month, 10 k miles/yr MSRP 43.4, purchase 41k

Down as in down payment or down in msd?

Seems I can’t get better than some 480$ with max msd, no down, 12k a year 36month

That’s down payment.

Looking at offers even for the 320I xdrive 12k 36 month max msd I might get that to about 400/month. I don’t know if that’s a good deal or not.

Its not. Residuals are super high at 66%.

The 320 is the entry level and is down to 229 a month in mass with 3.5 down

best I could get is this
320i xdrive demo car with 9k miles on it. msrp 39400. sale for 33550
12K/year 36 month. MF after 7 MSDs is 0.00088 (it seems thats the national average and the leasehackr calculator is outdated).
taxes upfront and all fees. 0 down. 330$/month. includes GAP.

where are you located?

Chicago area / will county

I mean id rather have new. Look at a new 328. Expand your search.

So would I but I emailed every dealer in the chicagoland area and all were quoting well over 400 with some up to 600+. I want to be under 400 for a 328I xdrive , or as close to 300 as possible for a 320i xdrive and the cpo 320I xdrive seems to be the best bang for the buck in my area.

Go to bimmerfest and go in the “ask a dealer” section and post what your looking for and see if you can hook up with a board sponsor.

also post your deal here and theyll advise.


Thanks! I’ll do that.