‘19 GMC Acadia $34k MSRP for $274/mo w/$274 DAS


Just saw this and thought I’d share. I don’t track GM cars but figured it’d be a good data point.

link to offer

Happy hacking!

According to the fine print, it’s not really $274 DAS.

Ah, I didn’t see anything about dues. Just saw:

“Payments are for a 2019 Acadia SLE-1 with an MSRP of $33,995. 36 monthly payments total $9,864.”

All I’m seeing is a 16% off purchase deal. Nothing about a lease :thinking:

There should be some room to work something decent here, especially on 27 month terms since your residual only drops a point vs 24 months and the MF stays the same. My region shows 4,000 in lease cash not including loyalty or Conquest, and 10% off before any of that should be attainable.

Yes Acadias are decent this month, I’ve been surprised I haven’t seen any deals. They just bumped all the RV’s from February.

A guy that I referred to the dealer I got my Terrain from was quoted $250/mo $250 DAS on a $38k Acadia demo 36/12k. He didn’t have loyalty OR conquest.

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Wow… He didn’t take it? I’m at effectively 290 if you take out negative equity at 36/15 for the same Msrp and that took Conquest and GM credit card rewards to get there.

I know. I think he’s been unicorn brainwashed thinking every lease should be $50/mo from reading this site :rofl: It’s still sitting there.

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He’s going to end up pulling the trigger on a terrible deal.


I’d be very surprised to see anyone do better than .65% of MSRP on an Acadia or something similar with just first month down, without any “extra” loyalty or conquest rebates or putting down MSDs on another brand, etc. That’s as close to a unicorn as you are going to find on a 3 row SUV. With the right programs in place the Acadia deserves more love around here. Not exactly apples to apples but compare the QX60 dollar for dollar and feature for feature. An almost usable 3rd row for adults, no CVT transmission, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Sure the QX60 has its advantages too, but those are pretty big things right there that are in the Acadia’s favor.

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People get what they deserve. If you can’t pull the trigger on an Acadia at .6%, you don’t know wtf you’re doing.

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If you do a search for Acadias here (or most 3 row SUVs), good deals are pretty few and far between. The most recent really good one was on an SLE1 at 10k a year that needed friends and family. This is definitely better than that.

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Haha he got that deal at the same dealer I got mine from, I recognized it from the mandated $299 TheftGuard - but no one else in the area is throwing down $2000+ dealer cash in so she can have her little bonus. TBH supplier code isn’t difficult to get around these parts. I’ll give you one if you ever want, I think I can share 2 of them this year since I used my own on the Terrain.

If anyone in Michigan wants an Acadia hook up, PM me…

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How hard is it to get GMS in MI, considering many dealers advertise their pricing with GMS included in MI?

GMS is practically impossible without a direct relative working for GM. GM has gotten really strict about these codes, there’s a lot of paperwork involved with them at the dealer, plus the dealer gets a spiff on their end directly from GM so it’s a very valuable code for the dealership. Dealers do have the ability to “get” codes, but it’s not something they would give out unless absolutely required. I’m talking like 11th hour, last day of month, need 1 more vehicle to meet big step incentive, customer is walking out the door.

Anyone feel free to correct me, but that’s my experience.

Supplier on the other hand, anyone here can get that since it’s not limited to direct relatives. That has value beyond just the “supplier pricing” because there’s usually an additional CCR attached to it.