2019 GMC Acadia SLE1, FWD, $239/M, $983 DAS, 10K/Y, 27M lease, Michigan


Just completed the purchase, I’ll try to get the calculator up tomorrow if anyone is interested. March seems to be a good month for the Acadia.

This included competitive lease and GM friends and family discounts.

Really interesting that this month the 27 month lease is exactly the same monthly as the 36 month lease. A much better deal than the 24 month.

This isn’t fancy, but has Apple Carplay, keyless entry and start, and is 7 passenger. Only ~$10/M more than the Terrain.


What was the MSRP?

You’re not going to find too many 3 row SUVs at that price point, sounds good! Im guessing it’s the 4 cylinder? As long as you’re not towing much or loading it to the gills with 7 adults at one time, it should be fine. I like my Acadia, it’s nothing fancy but it’s solid and has a lot of features for the money. No problems within the first year after 15k miles either.

How did you get the Friends and family discount? Can anyone qualify…also, was it a discount off MSRP or lease cash? Thanks for the help.

$250 XYA
$750 MNB
$500 LKC
$2,750 KMT
$2,000 LLH

$6,250 total
MSRP = $32,800

  • Floor mats $300
  • Destination $1,195
    Total $34,295

$33,010 + $26 title + $650 “Acquisition fee” + $299 “Theft Guard” =
GCC = $33,985
CCR = $8,161
ACC = $25,824
RV = $20,234
Depreciation = $5,590
Rent charge = $497
Total of payments = $6,088
27 months
Payment $225
Tax $14
Total payment $239

There was a $220 “document” fee in there somewhere.

I have a past client who is an engineer at GM and he was happy to get me the F&F discount. (They call it a GSF number or supplier code.)

They way the paperwork was done it looks like they gave me a credit for a $1,984 deposit. I’m not sure, but that may be a way to sell me a car for less than the friends & family price so they can say they don’t sell for less than F&F unless it is an employee.

I hope that is helpful to someone.

Hi - can you share a short description for each of these incentives?

$250 XYA
$750 MNB
$500 LKC
$2,750 KMT
$2,000 LLH