18" windshield scratch - OEM or Safelite? Insurance or out of pocket?


Long story short, had this light scratch for a little over a month now, it’s not growing (I used the kit to fix the crack that started it and it worked fine). It’s so shallow that unless you’d stand in a very specific angle you won’t see it from the outside.

Last I checked Safelite quoted for $950. I didn’t get a quote from BMW-authorized shop. It’s a 2021 228ix. Wanted to get your opinions before even asking a dealer in the area (I’m in WA).

What are my options? never dealt with this before and never contacted insurance for anything so I am not sure about the process. My deductible is $1k.

So should I just go with Safelite or OEM? Insurance or out of pocket? other options? what to check?

Appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Edit: not a lease, I own the car.

If its a lease you would need to go OEM if you replace it. You can go to other windshield shops (other than Safelite) which may be cheaper.

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Not a lease, updated.

So no benefit going to Safelite or something? also, should I look for OEM windshield? Also, trying to shop smart, if the best is to go fix it at a BMW shop or something I will pay for it and won’t compromise safety/quality

For what it is worth, Safelite used Fuyao glass on my recent replacement. This is the same provider for OEM BMW glass. The only difference with the new windshield is that, at the bottom right corner, it has the Fuyao logo instead.



I wonder if something like that will impact the car value once I try to sell it

I cannot say for sure, but I suspect that it would really depend on the buyer. A dealership probably would not even bat an eye, but a private party purchaser may be more discerning.



yeah, probably a dealership

Only shrewd enthusiasts. None of which want a 228i.

So you’re probably safe from a value perspective. But safety & quality is an open question.


Last fall, I woke up to a 6 inch crack coming from the edge of my leased 530e one week before my scheduled return. It quickly spread across the entire windshield in under an hour. I have Geico insurance with a thousand dollar deductible. Geico prefers to use Safelite.

Safelite canceled my in-home appointment twice so I got fed up and drove to the dealership. The guy at the dealership thoughtfully informed me that the replacement would cost $3500 including HUD and collision warning calibration. Furthermore he said Geico would not reimburse more than ~$1500 since the dealership charges much more than Geico considers reasonable.

Long story short I finally did the replacement with Geico and Safelite and BMWFS didn’t care less. I doubt a 3rd party buyer would care either.

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Are you referring to Safelite? Anything in particular that should make me prefer a BMW-certified shop?

Are you 100% that your glass deductible is $1k? In my experience they are usually $0 or $100 for glass, different than your regular comp/collision deductible.


Oh, thanks for the tip! I just checked my policy, if I got it right my deductible is $0? I guess I’ll call my agent. First time ever dealing with insurance.

insurance will want you to use the cheapest possible option, which i’m sure is lower quality than than Safelite.

this will show up on your Clue score even if it is mandated under coverage by the state. sadly learned that lesson the hard way.

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Yes. I definitely would not do the driveway service where they come to you. Not sure I believe the curing process is as good out of a van vs a full facility. Also unless they use OEM or fully OE-spec, there’s always a question of the quality of the glass as a windshield is a semi structural safety component.

Chances are it’s fine, but hence I say it’s an open question.

Damn that’s really frustrating. They always find a way to get you. I need to check my clue report.

So that’ll raise my insurance cost? for how long? is it better to just pay out of pocket then? also assuming they’ll try to force me to a cheap fix. I can pay the $950 for Safelite if it’s the best option…

not necessarily but if you try to switch carriers it might keep your rates from being the lowest possible.

i think it lasts 5 years but don’t quote me on that.

i’d still go insurance but that’s just me. i guess it depends on how bad your insurance rates are.

Had the windshield replaced on our X3 at the dealership. I did the online claim w/ geico and their site showed my dealer as one of the accepted facility. Went in, paid roughly 2k out of pocket then submitted for reimbursement. Geico initially only reimbursed around 900 but after a few back and forth, got reimbursed for the full amount.

Would suggest you call and specify that you’re going to the dealer and get pre authorized to avoid headaches. Also, didn’t really notice an increase in my premiums.

Apologize for the absolute dumb question - do I call my agent or do I call my insurance directly? first time ever dealing with insurance

either it doesn’t matter.