18 Mazda CX-9 GT Lease deal

Hi guys,

I am shopping for 7 seater and sort of gave up on the Sienna limited as there was no budging from 625 pm lease cost for 36 moths 12k.

Over the last few days I thought of checking out the new 2018 Mazda CX-9 and I jsut walked into a dealership today and walked out with the following numbers. I am based out of IL

2018 Mazda CZ-9 Grand Touring
MSRP 43210
Selling Price 41500
Rebate - 170
RV 64%
MF .00113

Tax - 1585.75
ACQ fee - 595
and other fees?? 409.15

effectively they say I should pay taxes, acq, fee and 1st month payment totaling to 3039.9 and remaining 35 payments of 450.

What can I do to better this deal? Do I have to pay the taxes up in IL? Somehow the numbers don’t add up when i use the calculator. Is this a good deal?

I would look at Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo, and Hyundai right now.

The lexus GX460 might suit your needs. $450/month for 3 rows of seats although the 3rd is more display than functional for adults. For kids it’s fine.

.00040 and 58%
REGIONAL: $1500 lease cash

Signed deal $425/mo:

Are you in the city of Chicago or in another part of IL? If you are in Chicago, there is an additional tax levied on the monthly payment amount in addition to whatever county sales tax rate is applied.

They changed the laws in Jan 2015 to make the state a lot more lease-friendly.

I am in the suburbs so no Chicago use tax.