18 Charger Daytona 392 Lease Check (Qucick, please!)

I am trying to nail down a deal, it is down between two dealerships but the numbers I’m selling are for the car I really want.

Something isn’t adding up, and I need to make sure it isn’t just me going crazy.

MSRP 47,380
Sales Price 39,200
Cap Cost 38,787
Money Down 1500
Residual 49%
MF .00087
Disp Fee 395
Capped Fee 280
Total Taxes 1550

Monthly Payment is 479

I got quoted 521 with 1,000 down with my ford lease turn in. 479 is decent. I live in Michigan as well so not the best deals for winter

Hell I’m seeking a lease transfer for my 2018 Charger SRT 392, if interested please check the page below and PM me