18,500 on Cadillac CTS one payment lease - is it a good price?

I got an offer for a loaner Cadillac CTS with ~2400 miles, one payment lease for ~18,500. Finally I got approved (see my previous posts - dodge gave me really hard time … , so I had to compromise on Cadillac CTS instead of the Dodge Charger I wanted so much … )

My question is: is it a good price 18,500 for one payment lease? Or too expensive? The plan is 409/month + 2995 down payment, dmv, taxes, etc. So I was expecting since I’m going to pay everything upfront for a much better price - like around 17,000 …

It’s a basic trim Cadillac CTS, AWD, 2.0L 4CYL, sunroof, no GPS, etc.

  1. How can I guarantee that in case of the car get stolen / total / etc. I get the money back ? They said there’s a gap insurance, however, from what I understood the gap insurance covers the bank / dealership. They said it’s also cover me. How can I guarantee it before I sign the lease? Should I purchase my own gap insurance?

Please advise.


You can buy a CPO ATS for that price. Probably works out to be a better deal than leasing a base CTS loaner.

The fun part about a one-payment lease is that you get to pay interest to the financing company on money that you’ve already given them.

If your heart is set on dropping $18.5k on a car, look for a CPO car you can purchase that won’t kill you on maintenance and holds its value reasonably well.


Why don’t you just buy the charger: https://www.carvana.com/cars/dodge-charger/2018

It’s what you really want and it’s not much more $ than the Cadillac lease you proposed.

ATS is too small…
I took my wife to seat in the back seat (she gonna seat in the back seat with the baby, so the ATS was too small … )

What is CPO?

Certified pre owned

The cheapest 2018 charger in the link you attached is $22,000 with 21,000 miles … , also is the RWD, and I live in NY, and my lease broker told me I got to have AWD for snowing days …
(or if I go ski / upstate in the winter …)
I’d gladly lease a new Charger SXT AWD and pay everything upfront, however I got denied again last week …
Cadillac approved me for the CTS, so seems I’ll have to compromise and get a CTS instead … (even though I thing the Charger much better car … - is it ??)

Ah, thanks. Yeah, but then when I want a new car, start dealing with selling it - kind of headache…
Rather just turn back the lease car after 36 months … (and not deal with selling the car … )

Why on earth are you applying for credit before you have the details ironed out? This is not even close to a smart strategy.


Well since he is getting denied it isn’t the worst strategy. Spend all that time negotiating only to be denied…

Better question is how bad is the credit that you are being denied (or is it that you never had a car loan before)?


Right, part of the point of what I said was that you need to run your credit yourself first, to make sure everything is okay, and get a car in your league, both credit- and income-wise.

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Yup absolutely.

You’re going to be better off buying a CPO for $18k and trading it in when you’re ready for a new car. $18,500 is a lot to pay upfront for a one-pay lease. If you negotiate strong enough you might be able to find a CTS in that range.

The intriguing thing is he’s getting declined for a one-pay lease. There might be better uses for that $18.5k with a credit rating that can’t get approved when you’re giving the financing company 100% of the money up-front and their only risk is that you won’t return the car at the end of the lease.

Honestly dropping 18k on a lease in one shot seems seems like a lot esp with a kiddo. If cash is not a problem then fine but otherwise buy a used charger, put something small down like 5K keep the rest in a high yield savings account cause at some point you’re going to need it for some kind of kiddo expense that’s hasn’t been planned for. Also leasing with a little one is rough in my opinion…I.e. lots of puking pooping etc in your leased car that needs to smell moderately nice at turn in. My 2 cents…either way best of luck with the family.

If he’s having issues getting approved he should finance a 2017 $25k CTS AWD, put $10k-$15k down and build up his credit.


Thats funny how Dodge didn’t approve your credit worthiness but Cadillac did…:thinking:

I would assume it was the other way around.

$18,500 is a lot of money for a lease. Better to use that money to buy and own a car or finance it. To answer your question on gap insurance, every car manufacturer or bank has different policies. Best to read the contract and ask your insurance.

score over 700, but never had a car loan before

I got approved by Cadillac for one pay lease.
Dodge denied.