'17 Chevy Volt LT with Leather $199/mo+tax

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 Chevy Volt LT with Leather

MSRP: $35,800
Selling Price: $31,995
Rebates: $7,860 (4,610 CCR, 2,250 select market incremental, 500 loyalty, 500 bonus tag)
Trade-in: $0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: .00062
Residual: 51%

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $1,514 ($1,300 GM Card, $214 first mo payment waiver) - actual $0
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $214 for 35 months

Zip Code: 92620
Sales Tax Rate: 7.75%

Will get $1,500 back from the state for a net cost of $172/mo for 35mos

Leasehacker score: 17.5 years


Thanks for sharing your deal :thumbsup:


Did you see my reply to your question? I got leather seats, heated steering wheel, zero down, zero security deposit, zero drive off, 1st month pmt, and 15K/miles for $279 (tax & license included). Plus, I get the $1500 from the State.

Yes. Thank you Juvan!

Looking to lease a Volt. I am interested in the Premier edition because I prefer the rims and leather. I have got pricing on the LT version with leather seats, but was just told by an internet sales rep the Money Factor (MF) can change if you change the TRIM. This sounded like complete CRAP to me. Has anyone ever encountered this before?

The money factor on the premier is the same. The only difference I have seen is 1% on the residual and 400 less in rebates.

I leased a Volt LT w/ leather this past weekend. Try doing one pay. It got my MF down to .000025.

Can you provide the dealer and the rep you worked with?

Can you be more specific on “One Pay”?