17' BMW 550i Gran Turismo Lease Transfer $424.95 - 22/mo *pending*

Took a gig that will incur a pretty sick commute that would burn my mileage in months and this thing doesn’t really belong in the garage all day so I’m passing it along to someone who wants a fun car.

2017 BMW 550i Gran Turismo - vehicle was an exec demo with 7811 miles already on it. I posted mileage left below
MSRP: $85,220
Monthly Payment: $424.95
Drive-Off Amount: just want to recoup my doc etc. $400
Months: 22
Miles left: 18,910
Location: Northeast Ohio

New owner will be responsible for lease transfer fees and transportation if you ship it. Account is with BMW financial so top tier credit is usually preferred.

Car is a loaded M-sport 550i GT (445 hp 480 tq) Carbon Black ext. brown nappa interior.

Executive package - inc: Head-Up Display, Soft-Close Automatic Doors, Ceramic Controls
Cold weather package -inc: Heated Front Seats, Heated Rear Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Retractable Headlight Washers
Driver assistance plus- -inc: Speed Limit Info, Active Driving Assistant, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, pedestrian warning, and city collision mitigation, Active Blind Spot Detection, Side & Top View Cameras, top view (video of road alongside doors, taken by cameras in exterior mirrors) and side view (video of traffic approaching vehicle from the side, taken by cameras in front bumper); images displayed on the control display
Lighting Package -inc: Automatic High Beams, Adaptive Full LED Lights
Luxury Seating Package -inc: Front Ventilated Seats, Active Front Seats
Adaptive cruise + driving assistant

Pictures in imgur links below


Nooooo! This has to be killing you.

Why not just find a cheap commuter and keep this for funsies?

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This was my original plan. But I honestly won’t have the time to actually enjoy it so I’m just going to grab a year old A4 and call it a day. This was up in the air when I signed it but I figured I might not have the hardest time passing it along. If no one snags it I suppose I’ll just use it on the weekends.

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FWIW, my dad drives about 30k miles a year splits it between three cars. His Cayenne Turbo, his 968, and his DD…wait for it…a Ford Focus.

It’s not a terrible set up…except for the Focus.

How is the ACC on BMW?

Works great, in the 4th picture you can kind of tell how it’s set up as far as selecting distance.

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Ahhh, such a bummer! Kills me to see you needing to let this one go. Keep it as your weekend driver!

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Curious what you’re going to replace it with now that you have to worry about mileage. I’m kind of in the same boat.

Nevermind, saw the info about getting an old A4… isn’t that just like replacing excess mileage fees with repair costs? I guess you could get a CPO one but still, lexus LS or GS might be the way to go if you’re doing a ton of miles.

Man i wish you were closer. I would take this off your hands tomorrow.

Sent you a PM


I would fly out and drive it back !

I would consider if i had time away to do it. Great deal on a great car.

425 for a 550GT, it is insane.
North Ohio.(I’m in Detroit… so not so far away)

Almost perfect for me… I just can’t have it at this point.
Also, not enough miles.

Do you mind PM and share your experience how you got this deal?

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My wife has 6 months to go on her '16 X3 lease. If we were closer to end of lease I’d be on my way to NE Ohio to pick this up.
Wish we were ready.

You should have a pm with some questions on the transfer, let me know if it didn’t come through.

Anyone know how much it costs to get this to CA, smogged and registered? My wife’s GT lease is coming up and she loves that thing. Know there are stricter smog restrictions in CA but what would be the actual cost breakdown for getting the car here and set up to drive?

I’d guess the cost to transport would be right around $1200 bucks or so; Open vs Closed transport.

I don’t see why you would need to smog this car.

$425 a month for a 550i… it’s crazy price! I’m paying $425 for my 2015 X1 sDrive28i … and not even fully loaded… that’s before I know this site(leasehackr).
I wish you were closer, I would gladly to pick it up from you, even though I still have 6 month to go.
Just checked, around 2,500 miles from your location to San Francisco… ya… too far …
btw love that you don’t have the front license plate!
but this car should be gone within no time!

I was told that because CA has higher emission standards that transporting could get complicated… but this deal is so good…

@NateBeasle does the car have lease end protection? is it smoker-free?