12.5%/24.0% (Pre/Post-Incentive) off a New 2020 LS 500 (Not a Lease)

Let me first point out that this is not a lease. When I was putting this one together, the loss of Lexus incentives for a cash purchase (or 3rd party financing) and 51% RV did not make the lease a prudent decision by any means. Plus, Lexus also holds its resale value really well compared to Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

MSRP: $77,690
Pre-incentive discount: $9,710 (~12.5%)
Incentives: $9,000 Lexus cash
Total discount: $18,710 (~24.0%)
Purchase price: $58,980

Again, not a lease, but I thought it would be interesting to post being that I have not seen a LS 500 on the forum in awhile.


I’d edit the title to say 12.5% off, when people see % off here it tends to be pre-incentive, the most useful metric for other to compare their deals.

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F sport? I hope so cuz the other versions are ugly as fck and not worth the money. Neither is the F sport except for when you get a huge discount.

Seems like a more personal opinion, but not an F-sport.


Solid point, but the total discount includes the incentives so I changed the title accordingly.

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I would do this deal, but where does one find a ls msrp sub 80k

I would do this. Gotta find one now. The search is on.

Ls500 instead of a s90 lease, shameful.


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As a brand, yes. But the value retention of, say, an ES or RX350 isn’t very relevant here. How long do you plan to own this car and what’s your assumption for its value at that time?

Just ran this through Pentagon FCU’s Payment Saver. Using the sales price above, the payment would be $570/month for 24 months with $3k down (plus taxes tags fees). Not bad considering their residuals are usually conservative.

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Plan to own the car around 2 years, trade-in values for vehicles of the age and around 20,000 miles per year seems to be around $44,000-$46,000, so around $624 depreciation cost per month. Not factoring in large repairs due to complete warranty coverage over the period of ownership.

Edit: these might be inflated because of the state of the used car market currently, so might be a bit more.

Definitely more depreciation compared to an ES or RX, but still a lot of car for under $60,000 and will be nowhere close to BMW 7 series depreciation. Would have leased, but a 20,000 mile Lexus lease made no sense after a 51% RV (Edmunds) plus all of the pre-purchase miles. (15,000+5,000 at $0.20 per mile as the dealer quoted me).

True, but car wasn’t for me and they were not interested in the S90. I tried :laughing: .

@NickSMU17 they are pretty rare, most have the $12,000 package that makes the MSRP around $88,000.

@Jay_e best of luck!

how is it only 570 a month for 24 months?

But that doesn’t include the full tax on the almost $60k sales price, correct?

Forgot to include that being that I traded in a vehicle. Got what VROOM offered (over KBB as well) so don’t think I did too bad on that.

I think that might be balloon payment?

Congrats! I wonder if I would get an LS 500 or the new Genesis G80 V6, if they were both around the same price. Both are tweener luxo sedans in between an E-Class and S-Class in size.

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Yes, it’s a balloon program with a final payment of $45985 after 24 months. Their residuals are usually conservative but you have some risk that actual value might be less. Also, the current rate for the 24 month balloon is 2.99%.

So it’s like a lease, but with a higher rent charge and you get to hold all the risk instead of the bank? And no tax advantage?

These programs were never intended to be superior to leasing.

They are intended to offer lower payments vs traditional financing.

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