You can now "lease" a car from Sixt rent-a-car

Saw an interesting thing on the news today. Sixt, the Euro rental company that has a limited presence in the US, is introducing essentially a leasing program. Monthly rentals that can be renewed indefinitely. A Jetta goes for $475/mo and goes up from there to things like an Escalade options close to $1000 a month.

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This is nothing new. Sixt ran these sales since March. Back then, you could get an X5/Escalade/Range Rover for $19/day at my local airport - 90 day min and there is a mileage cap.


I have a few locations thru the Lyft app

In March you could rent a car for nothing everywhere. It’s not March anymore.

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It may not still be March but I am still driving a 2020 Chrysler Pacifica S that I rented from Sixt in Manhattan back in April at $488.34/mo including all taxes and fees. Includes 2000 miles/mo.

My credit card (Chase Sapphire Preferred) provides LDW, because Sixt structures it as a series of 28-day rentals (yes I confirmed this with Chase!). For liability, I bought a 6-month ‘Non-owner’s policy’ from Geico for ~$180 (i.e. $30/mo)

I pay for my own gas and tolls (using my own EZ-pass transponder), and have yet to get hit with any additional fees from Sixt (other than a 1-time $200 refundable security deposit). I just have to tell them the odometer reading and e-sign a new contract every 28 days.

The longest term they would give me was 180 days, so my run is expiring soon. We were non-car owners and this car has served my family very well during COVID times.

Back to the topic at hand; Sixt’s latest offer is actually billed as a “subscription”. , and it has a few gotchas. A Pacifica is listed at $639/mo, but that only includes 500mi/mo

  • $0-30/mo license fee (depending on pickup location)
  • $50/mo to upgrade from 500->1000 miles/mo (or $129 to upgrade from 500->2000 miles/mo)
  • $120/mo for a LDW with $1k deductible (I would not count on credit card covering a subscription)
  • $50/mo per additional driver
  • $400/mo for NYC pickup ( The only pickup location in the Northeast is in Manhattan )
  • +Tax (depends on pickup location)

Sixt rentals also usually carry restrictive list of states you are allowed to visit. So no long road trips.