Year End Deals? Worth it?


Current Jeep Leasee Looking to turn the Jeep in this week and have not been happy with any deals I am finding in the area. Current dealer is just a straight crook adding nearly $5K in markups on any deal. When asked them to not add any of the markups you’d think I’d kicked a puppy. They need me I don’t need them. So I’ll turn my lease in and wait for a good deal. Are the model year closeouts really that good or worth waiting for? I’ve reached out to a few brokers on here and have gotten little to no feedback. I have exceptional credit and not looking for a Hyundai or Kia. More like a good P/U, Mini van or SUV. Thanks

Keep an eye on the Marketplace and reach out to the seller when you’re ready to pay the fee and sign on a specific vehicle immediately.

There’s no actionable way to answer that question. No one knows what pricing and availability will look like on 6/30 or 9/30 or whatever your preferred date is.

get yourself a broker, yeah it will cost you 4-8 hundred bucks but its worth it.