XC90 T6 momentum - $61.3k msrp for $637/month


637 after tax
3,000 out of pocket, no MSDs

I know it’s not fantastic but there are few T6s below this price.

What do you guys think? Where is the wiggle room?


They gave me another couple of bucks off:

$617 after tax.

3,000 drive off

So the selling price is $53.4 and that is including your $3k down? So Volvo has $3.5k incentives and with your $3k that is a selling price of $59.9 all that. By that math I’m seeing a $1400 discount they are extending you. I’d think you should be able to do much better than that.

I asked them to let me sleep on it and let them know before noon.

Here’s what they gave before I left:

61390 msrp
51920 selling price

12k miles
56% RV - 39 month
0.00130 MF

2500 out of pocket
617/month after taxes
1698 CCR

Zero MSDs
He also threw in the $595 wear and tear protection at the end right before I left

What does that $2500 cover exactly? Is that first month, CCR (what is that?) and the $2500 at signing? I’m hoping not.

2500 is first month, doc, acquisition, registration, etc
Total out of pocket

The 1698 is a cap cost reduction that is the only other major impact besides the 2500 drive off since the selling cost is 51920 from 61390 msrp

Should I take the deal?

61.3k msrp
$617/month after tax - 570ish before tax
2500 out of pocket
12k miles
wear and tear for free

If you’re not in a rush I’d sit on it and tell the dealer you don’t think it’s that great of a deal and want to think about it. I have a feeling they will either come back at the end of the month or ask you “what do you think a good deal is or what are you looking for”. Worst case of none of that happens you can always go back I’m and take advantage of the current deal.