XC90 T5 MOM Lease Numbers

Wanted to get your thoughts on these lease numbers for a XC90 T5 MOM with Advanced Package/Nav/Upgraded wheels.

You need to break out the incentives/rebates from the dealer discount to accurately evaluate the deal. Also, is this a 19 or a 20?

Have you confirmed RV/MF with edmunds for your region? .00208 seems really high.

Here are the numbers broken out. (7.5% off MSRP). Also, those are the confirmed RV/MF from Edmunds.

2019 or 2020? If its 19’ can probably do better.

  1. I’m working towards 10-12% off MSRP

Where are you located? Region.

Denver, Colorado.

If you don’t mind shipping @Bostoncarconcierge has some :fire: deals on XC90s! I shipped my wife’s car down south from you to Albuquerque.

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Or @Benedetto’s deals in mid-west