XC90 Lease / Low mileage return

Hello. Looking to get negotiation tips on how to get the cheapest monthly payment on an XC90 possible when I’m also returning a leased XC90 that is way below mileage.

Best offer I’ve gotten is $715/mo (NY tax incl) on a loaner 2024 B5 Plus (63.5k msrp) for 36months and 7.5k miles per year. $2k at closing. Is this a good deal?

I’m returning a 2022 24-month lease vehicle with only 5600 miles (lease was 7.5k per year). Lease ends at the end of August.

Not picky on color or options (ideally has an integrated booster).


-Learn what the negotiables are in a lease and how to calculate your target payment in the LH calc.

-Get a real world quote for existing vehicle from Carmax, etc. to see if any equity.

-Search Marketplace for deals on your model.

-If not a master of the above just use a broker here, @thevolvoguy , etc. to save you thousands.

@stellarauto has a XC90 T8 for about the same price


your car is worth below payoff. it doesnt matter what the mileage is. that said, we have better options for less money than you’re being quoted.

@aronchi can offer the LOWEST pricing in our area. He’s a good guy that I would recommend friends or family to