XC90 Lease Deal Help

Hi folks -

Live in PHX and wasn’t getting much love from Volvo dealers here. Went on an email binge with a number of dealers in SoCal and got the below quote on a T6 Inscription, w/o negotiation thus far: 36 mos, 10k miles. $632/mo (incl tax), with $1,304 DAS (which covers first month, and I’ll roll into payments).

It’s a new vehicle, with almost $13K off MSRP. I’m not military or a current owner, so with current incentives at $5,500, so it feels like a 10.5% dealer discount.

Calc score is 9.5, so I feel decent, but would love your opinions on the deal thus far and how much room I might have left. I think maybe I can squeeze another point or two out of the discount, but I also need them to ship to AZ, so that will be a negotiating point as well. Should I expect that to happen as part of the deal?


Please let me know how it goes. I am also looking for XC90. You can do MSDs to lower monthly payments.

Move incentives into Taxed or Untaxed incentives and acquisition fee is $995. You can try for another $500-700, but 10.5% off is good. $578 with 10 MSDs.


Based on my recent XC90 research in the North East, looks like a fairly good deal.

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Hi Zalter
I am looking for XC90 and not getting any great deals. Can you please let me know which dealer in SoCal did you work with?

I ended up getting the best quote from Culver City, but Santa Monica and Rusnak both we’re not far behind. Ended up buying from a dealer in Colorado Springs because of color combos.

I am curious, how do you know the current incentives? Is there a place to look it up?

Go to Volvo’s website, build the car you want, and on the summary page, click the estimate my payments button. Plug in your zip and it will tell you the incentives in your area

Thanks. Didn’t notice that button before.

Not all 2019 are available for building, so change the MY in the URL on the zip code page