XC40 Recharge Lease

Can you all tell me what’s going on with this “deal”. I know the money factor isn’t listed and is likely marked up, but I’m having trouble squaring the numbers with either the calculator or my intuition. The rebates that are included are the 2,000 for Costco as well as a 500 affinity. Are they not taking the 7,500 off the sale price and that’s screwing with the numbers? Thanks

why dont you just ship it in from @Benedetto ???

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I’ve got a request in with him now as I know this area is brutal for cars. While I wait, I wanted to see what was available without having to ship. Now I’m just curious what’s going on here and why I can’t make sense of these numbers.

Can you post your calculator that shows this not adding up?

With that said, their sheet doesn’t add up. The cap cost + fees and taxes minus the listed rebates do not sum as shown.

This was my best guess at what he was doing. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

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