XC40 official photos


I’m sure @Ursus is already negotiating for one, but damn this truck looks fantastic: https://www.volvocars.com/us/cars/new-models/xc40


I’m done with negotiations on anything until December next year the earliest. Don’t need an SUV and don’t like XC40 rear side, anyway.


At OC Auto show, a rep told me that they will have the XC40 at the LA Auto show. SoCal folks will get a chance to see it/touch it in Dec. Also Infiniti “may” bring out the production version of the QX50.

With all these small/mid SUVs launching, why isn’t 17MY BMW X3 discounted further??? No one seem to be getting Hackr deals on those…maybe Christmas?


The trunk space in that car is going to be horrendous. When I was looking for a CUV for my wife, we did the golf bag test in most of them and hardly any of them could fit them without putting a seat down. The Jaguar e pace looks like a beauty though.


XC40 is much smaller than E-Pace. In X1/GLA class, I think.


The photos definitely make it hard to tell that.


Do any Volvo guru’s know what’s going on with the T5 twin engine? the Plug-in hybrid version of the XC40? I couldn’t really find any info about any release dates but I thought it was supposed to be around Q4 2018 so I guess it’ll be next year? I highly doubt it’s going to be anywhere near hackerworthy (at least yet) but I’m just curious about it.


There is only one Volvo guru here. Let’s wait for him.


don’t be so modest :slight_smile:


I’m not and I’m not :neutral_face:


I’ve followed this news closely. Originally, Volvo did say the plug-in XC40 would be available Q4 of 2018, but that’s no longer the case. Now they just say it’ll be released “sometime in 2019”. If history is any guide, especially with PHEV vehicles, I won’t be surprised if we don’t see it until December 2019.


I messaged Volvo USA on Facebook (weirdly) and their super unhelpful response was ‘We do not have a timeframe, thank you for your interest’

So I’m guessing never then?


I believe for the US there will only be a pure electric XC40 sometime during calendar year 2020 as a 2021 model. No hybrid for the US I’m told. Maybe elsewhere in the world it’ll be sold as a hybrid. https://forums.swedespeed.com/ is a good resource. GrecianVolvo knows his stuff, as he works for Volvo.

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Me @ Volvo right now! Especially as I just know the S60 T8 is going to be hideously expensive to lease.

“Shake harder, boy!”


So whats cooking doc ?


Nothing… Volvo numbers are the same or worse and can’t do other makes.


Why? Why cant you do other great brands !


Worse and only headed to getting even more worse lol


Because I have a Volvo, which is untradable :unamused:


And whens the lease up ? Or wait is it not a lease?