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Hi there,
Anyone know a good broker or dealer? Looking into leasing a 2020 X5, Trim decision will be based on deal. I’m in LA area but willing to go at around 150 miles radius.

No offense, don’t be lazy.

We have a marketplace, here’s the link to all the BMW brokers in California. Cali and NY are the most competitive lease markets in the U.S, you’ll find a deal eventually.



I wanted to know from personal experience. But thank you for the info. I’m new to the forum.

We have reviews for that exact reason. Filter by CA, and look for a broker you would like to use. All brokers have a review page, and reviews are by fellow members.
Apologies for the brashness, https://forum.leasehackr.com/c/reviews/11

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Thank you for the help.

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