X5, Q7, or 2020 GLE 350

Not a big Bells and Whistles person, something low to mid range is fine by me. Trying to see which will be best bang for my buck SUV, but can’t do MSD’s in NY. These three come with some great amenities out of the gate.

Leasing in NY

Q7 is leasing exceptionally well this month, but no one will know if it will carry over into next month yet. Mercedes SUVs typically don’t lease the best. X5 are leasing ok, not quite hackr worthy but probably better than a 2020 GLE. Do some research for your area via the Edmund’s forum and keep browsing here, then email some dealers with your newly acquired info before walking into a dealership.

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You think X3 Q5 May be a route for a sweet deal?

I’m in Queens, do you work with dealerships in this area (queens/Long Island)?