X5 diesel October

I’m looking to lease a X535d.
Have a high mileage requirement (20k/y).

Current deal:
MSRP 71k
Sale price: 64,500
’Rebate’: 3,000 (counts to cap reduction)
With 3,000 drive-off, the payment comes to 960/mo including tax (7.5%) (36 months)
The RV is 36,000 (didn’t have the exact MF - believe it was 0.0011)
The 3000 drive off is: 1st month, tax, title, acquisition, registration

How does this look?

Your input is most appreciated. Thank you!

How many miles is this for?

Looks like he said 20K miles a year.

For a 20k a year this doesn’t look all that bad. With the big incentives jaguar has been giving to dealers (rebate to the dealer for seller, not direct to customer) you may be able to do a f pace for a better price in the higher optioned diesels.

You are right re: the f pace - can get really strong deals on it. Preferred the drive of the gas to the diesel on the f pace - but overall preferred the ride/drive/interior of the x5 to the f pace.

And yes, 20,000 miles/year.

Thanks again

In case anyone is looking for a similar vehicle - ended up at 1000 drive off and 950/mo including tax.

For 20K miles a year that deal with 1K drive off looks good.