X5 45e 2021 - lease


NJ and a Hybrid X5 - How is this deal?

Drive off: 5125
Monthly - 979
Selling price - 75938
MSRP - 83445

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Need more info.
What are the incentives?
What is the money factor.
Is that for 36/10k?
What is included in the drive off?
Is the monthly including tax?

NJ tax is not 9%, it’s 6.625%

Separately there’s a surcharge of 0.4% of the selling price if it’s above $45,000.

  • $750 rebate
  • Money factor - 0.00099
  • 36/10k
  • Taxes, bank fee etc.
  • Yes
  • No MSD’s

updated - Monthly and Drive off are accurate

For this to be an acceptable deal, you need
-11-12% off before rebate, right now you are closer to 8%.

  • Make sure u are getting full rebate
  • Do 7 MSDs
  • Check Edmunds for MF and check what the dealer is offering. make sure u get the base MF.

Essentially something like this:

Need to find out the Money factor. Is your credit good?

Might be a little tough to get 11% off a X5 45e. They are brand new.

Looks horrific but it’s a new trim and maybe you can’t get it down further. Add MSDs to bring the interest rate down.

Some of the brokers could probably help you.

Credit is good. Money factor is 0.00099 - confirmed twice

Looks terrible then again it is a 2021 model with very slim inventory at the moment so your dealer discount is going to be terrible. I am considering the X5 45e too and with the PenFed and APR rebates on top of the full tax credit (if you’re eligible) financially it makes more sense to me to buy than lease. I am going to wait at least for a few months to have some bargaining power, if you buy/lease now 5% dealer discount is the best you will probably get…

If it wasn’t for the rapid advances in EV tech these days (I mean, 9 kWh to 24 kWh right here from the 40e to 45e), I’d be inclined to agree.

Though I suppose it also comes down to individual needs. If your daily commute needs are met by the 24 kWh battery, so be it.

I am in the “Tech changes rapidly” boat as well so i won’t buy right now. I do a daily commute of 45 miles, having half of that covered electric is decent - additionally having the additional HP with smoothness is great.

@moodyhank - Not sure if you saw my calculator, they did about 9% right now. I totaled my last vehicle recently and am not inclined to pay more drive off.

Some dealers are suggesting that rebate offers will get better as the vehicle starts getting made and they will pass it on, is this a tactic or do they actually stand true after a contract is done?

It is a PHEV so the range improvements wouldn’t be as big of a concern for me personally. Plus just because you are buying it, doesn’t mean you cannot sell it in 2-3 years time. Here is my math:

MSRP: $70K
Target dealer discount: $7k (not sure if I can negotiate this if I am using PenFed)
PenFed rebate: $3250 this month
BMW APR credit: $2k
UDE Coupon: $1k
Subtotal for sales tax: $56,750
Sales tax: $4.5k in my case although I do have a trade-in offsetting this down to $1k
CO Tax Credit: $4k
Federal Tax Credit: $7.5k
Net Price: $46,250

Let’s assume a generous 40% depreciation for 2 years ($70k * 0.6) and the car is worth $42k. If my net cost to drive for two years is $4250 then my effective monthly payment is $177. Of course there is no guarantee that I can get 10% dealer discount or the full $1k for UDE coupon or the APR/PenFed rebates to be there but even without them it still beats the lease deal at the moment…

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@ramakay are you sure the 8.9% discount is not inclusive of any manufacturer rebates? If so then great discount on a 2021 MY car, congrats!

10k residual is 55% not 54%

Rebates could get better but they are not retroactive. They don’t apply to previously signed deals.

A few things to consider:

  • In some states, you pay tax on the whole sale price, and when you trade your car in, you don’t get any tax benefits.
  • BMW has inflated residuals for leasing. In reality, you may realize that depreciation was worse when you trade in than when leased.