X3 M40i vs X5 xDrive40i

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Hi all. Getting ready to turn in my 2018 x5 50i. I loved the v8 in that car, but the bigger wheels came with low-profile tires which gave me and the family a really shitty experience in terms of comfort and suspension, especially considering I live in NY where there are many potholes. I’m looking to move to downsize to a 6 cylinder with normal-sized wheels, but I’m curious what people think about the x3 m40i vs the x5 40i.

I’ve heard that the space difference between the x3 and x5 is not really that much, but if it is major then that’s something I’d need to consider. I’d love a car that is sporty but can still be a comfortable ride when I’m not trying to drive super fast. My 2018 x5 was only the former. Let me know what you guys think! The x3 m40i would also be about $100/month cheaper thanks to a higher residual price compared to the x5 40i. Thanks guys.

I don’t see any way for you to answer these questions without just going and test driving both back to back.

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I feared that. I don’t really have the time to test drive both because of work ramping up recently, so I was hoping to get some input from others.

X3 M40i by a long shot if you want to enjoy the drive and throw it around a corner every so often.

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one thing i did as i researched cars was use the edmunds side by side. while it is no substitute for test driving a car, it does help you get an idea for different spaces-leg room, storage, etc.

i did test drive an x3, believe an m package, and it was nice. i have driven an x5 m package, and I’d say it compared favorably, at least in terms of driving quality, to my own perspective. but i’d def. suggest a test drive

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Get the X3 much more nimble and fun imo.


Def get the 22 X3.

When would an order today arrive?

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I like the X3 but it felt cheap compared to the X5. If money is biggest thing, go with X3 but if you can get an X5 for a deal, get it!

I opted to buy an X5 vs leasing. I purchased it being a CPO till 2025 and got some extra goodies. I jumped on it as I felt it was a very good deal for this market pricing. I wish you luck and happy shopping!

The G05 X5 is a great machine and the materials are top notch but the x40i will always be a slouch against an X3 M40i.

However…if you can s179 it the X5 with a JB4 is the winner.

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Here’s the official passenger space stats from a BMW dealer’s site. Looks like a pretty subtle difference on paper, but the X5 is several inches wider and almost a foot longer so it’ll feel a little bigger when you sit in it.

X3s have better residuals and an incentive now, X5s have worse numbers and very limited inventory almost everywhere.

2021 BMW X3 2021 BMW X5
Front Headroom 41.1 inches 40.7 inches
Front Legroom 40.3 inches 39.8 inches
Rear Headroom 38.5 inches 39.4 inches
Rear Legroom 36.4 inches 37.4 inches

Yes. I was in same boat and just got the V8 haha.

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I would take the x3m over the x5m but the x5 m50 > than the x3 m40 imo

There’s some stuff you can’t get in the x3 that you do get in the x5, massaging seats for example.

The hk in the x3 is kinda ehh in the x3 but solid in the x5 (idk why, not an audiophile) and the x5 just feels more upscale.

For op I would go with the x3 m40 for sporty driving and the x5 if it’s just a family hauler.

My main concern with x3 m40i is that the “sporty” driving will just end up being annoying in situations where I’m looking for comfort. Really, I’m looking for a SUV that is comfortable to drive almost all the time but can be sporty when someone wants to put their foot down. My 67 year old father will be driving this car too, so I want it to be comfortable for him but fun and sport when he’s in that mood.

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Three words: “adaptive M suspension”


Whatever you go with just don’t get the big wheels.


10000% agree! Mine is coming with 22" wheels but I just had my wheel guy make me custom forged 20" wheels for everyday driving. I will rock 22" wheels maybe till end of this summer and swap in September when I make a trip to NJ

x5 has air suspension option not sure why the roads would be an issue.

But the x3 m40 is a joyful ride amazing crackles and pops stock and great drive. add the m adaptive suspension and your’e golden. If you want more luxury like massage or more options then you just wont get that in the lower trims but other than that you’d do great

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Yeah but I personally felt X3 across the board felt cheap even fully spec’d out. It is a nice little SUV but if you got the money for X5, OP should swing for it

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You have to have a serious need for speed to consider the x5 40i slow, especially considering you can’t really hammer it in city driving. Also I believe the new 40i is a few tenths of a second slower to 60 than the previous gen 50i.

0-60 in 5.0 is fast enough for 99% of real world driving.


right its just like the x3 x4 are low quality but get a M version and your just a notch under the bigger models. for the most part. but M models arent in question lol