X3 M40i deal in MA


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New to the forum and curious to see how this deal looks. 2021 X3 M40i build from RI dealer, registered in MA.

Hi There,

Thats a good deal but I would be happy to help you with something a bit more aggressive.

I can do 10% off pre rebates with base MF, as opposed to the 9% off and marked up money factor you are showing in the calculator.

Let me know and I would be happy to help.

The net savings would be $30/Month x 36 months = 1080 - $500 broker fee = 580

Also, the calc has RI tax in it. Should be 6.25



This deal would be good on a new build?

Yep no problem. And theyre being built in about 4-5 weeks time.

So, if incentives improve for October, when the car arrives, you would be able to take the better incentives. If they get worse, you can stick w December.

Cool, thanks for the help.

You bet-shoot me an email if you want. I dont think Warwick will go that deep, but you never know.