X2 M35i loaner advice/questions


I got a lease breakdown for a 2019 X2 M35i loaner on a 36/10k lease. It was one big copy paste so I’ve tried to format it for the paste below. I’m confused about a few things the way they are written out.

  1. What is this customer cash $585.39? (looks like the DAS monthly + registration)
  2. The discount appears to be 12.3% MSRP $52470 -> $46025 is that correct?
  3. I asked for nothing down but I can’t tell in this offer whether it is with $3000 cash rebate/incentive and nothing down or a $3000 rebate hidden in the discounted price and $3000 down?
  4. What is this -$669.50 warranty?
  5. Any recommendations to improve this deal?

Bmw Financial Services (Sales Support Special) Super Elite Tier - Credit Score 740+
Trade(s) Allowance:

  • $0.00 ACV of Trade(s): $0.00 Pay Off of Trade(s): $0.00 Equity in Trade(s): $0.00
    Customer Cash: $585.39 Customer Rebate: $3,000.00 Total Cash/Rebate/Equity: $3,585.39
  • Inception Fees: $585.39
  • Excess Cash/Rebate/Equity: $3,000.00
    Original MSRP: $52,470.00 MSRP Discounts: $0.00 MSRP Adjustments: $0.00
  • Adjusted MSRP: $52,470.00
    Dealer Cost: $46,694.50 Selling Price: $46,025.00 Price Adjustment: $0.00
  • Adjusted Selling Price: $46,025.00
    Maximum Advance: $68,211.00
    Residual Value: (56.00%) $29,383.20
  • Residual Value Adjustments: $0.00
  • Mileage Adj: (1800) $1,249.10 Annual Miles:
  • 10000 Excess Miles: $0.00 Adjusted Residual Value: $30,632.30
    Discount / Buy Rate: 0.001650 Adjusted / Sell Rate: 0.001650
    Down Payment: $3,000.00 Down Payment Tax: $210.00 Admin Fee: $199.00 Acquisition Fee: $925.00
    Total Cap. Cost: $44,359.00 Vehicle Mark-Up: -$669.50 Warranty Mark-Up: $0.00 Paid Reserve: $0.00 Dealer Incentive: $0.00 Trade(s) Over Allowance: $0.00 Total Prot: -$669.50
    Payment Recap: 36 Months @ $505.04 + 7.00% = $540.39
    First Monthly Payment: $540.39 Security Deposit: Waived Other Fees: $0.00 Registration: $45.00 Total Inception Fees: $585.39"
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Looks like your getting about a 9% discount from MSRP before the rebate. Probably not many 35’s around. But I would personally try for a bigger discount. It seems like you could get a new one for that price.

Weak discount but M35’s are limited in inventory so I wouldn’t expect much more than 15% and incentives took a nosedive recently :frowning:

Wish my dealer had M35 loaners to knock one out of the park!

Thank you for the feedback. Sometimes the sheets these guys send get quite confusing. Doesn’t seem like a good deal at all then.
It’s seemingly a hard car to hack. I’ll try for the bigger discount worthy of a loaner, maybe they’ll come around by months end.

Indeed, look into drive for cause OL code as well for a little extra help.

Mysteriously sold rather quickly after the post. To rare I guess, lesson learned.

Keep in mind we’re not the only hunters out in the forest. Eventually a sucker will come in and pay asking.

It would be interesting to know the deal. It was rough to get any information from this dealer over email.