X2 2018 Lease/ Loaner 10k OFF Sticker

MSRP: $39.012.00
Discount: $5,00.00
Rebate: $4,250.00
Adjusted Price: $29,662.00
Balance: $30,744.80
Monthly: $260.00 38M/10k Miles
Deposit: $3,000.00
W/ BMWCare $292.00 Monthly
(Don’t Pay more than $33.00 for basic care of router and brakes)
Incentives: Costco Card (included& doubled) idk how
Leasehkr Score: 8.2
10k off MSRP!!
Presented deal to 7 dealers 2 gave me good offers, got really lucky.

That’s not a good discount for a loaner. Should be closer to 20% before the incentives. What was your due at signing amount? $3000? Any of that MSDs? And BMWs come with free maintenance. I wouldn’t pay $1200 for BMW Care.

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That’s NOT 10k off MSRP lol.
10k off MSRP + 4.5k incentives is what you need to do

The dealers got lucky or you got lucky?


2018 car
Loaner car
LH Score only 8

Read the posts before signing!

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This is a great example as to why it helps to come to the forum before you drive off the lot. This is probably one of— if not the worst— deals we’ve seen on a MY18 X2 loaner. And they somehow suckered you into a 38 month lease, which I didn’t even know was possible. Hoping that at least $2,100 of that deposit is MSDs.

Dealer got really lucky!! The sales executive will get bonus for selling a 2018 car with a discount lesser than 2019 one’s. 17% off of MSRP is going around for 2019 ones!!

You got an example of this 17% off a 2019?

Yes, I do!! already 2019 loaners are advertised at 7-8% off of MSRP and you just need to work with dealers to get it closer to ~17%… I have 3-4 open quotes for X2/X3’s which are at 17- 20%, but, you will have to push a lot!! All the best!!