Worst leases you've seen

To be fair, a 2023 M8 would lease for more than that:

Although this is a 2020, it wasn’t a launch edition one that we were blowing out for 22.1% off back in the day. You were also able to do a 5,000-mile lease on those.

Poor lad probably bough it from Bayside bmw for a 5-10k markup

MSRP is 344K :smiley:.

Emailed a seller about a used 1980s’ car advertised with 24,500 miles. When I looked more closely at the photos, it is actually 245,xxx miles.

Seller claims it’s a 5-digit odo with the last digit being a tenth of a mile. :clown_face:

I know these cars and they all came with 6 digit odometers. We go back n forth twice and I leave it when he doubles down.

5 days later no acknowledgment but I see the ad is updated to show it actually has 10x the miles previously quoted but the price is still the same :clown_face:


No lowballers, I know what I have (just not the miles).


It’s pending. Which goes to show, there is always another sucker out there.

563 miles a month. 36 months initial lease. My head is hurting.

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 11.51.52 AM

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Exactly! :dart:

Honestly the Lariat deal isn’t terrible depending on miles and money down he’s asking. The F-150’s lease god awful.