World's first FLYING CAR is going on sale in the US next month

Anyone know MF/RV, didnt see it on Edmund’s? Lol

It’s hydrogen powered. Hindenburg with a little more styling. $199/month with 0 down! Until you go down in flames.



I assume it comes with free parachutes with no extra charge!

It’s an option package…specifically the “manual ejection + descent control” for $1500.

Aww should be standard as safety feature…

Give it a few years until the NHTSA decides to get involved…like rear cameras, the 3rd brake light, 5 mph bumpers etc…

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I expected hovering but wow it actually flies. Well, at least the animation does. I want to see the live action version of that video.

This looks like a bureaucratic nightmare.

Assuming they take off (pun intended) how will they be regulated?

Where do they land? Can you just drop out of the sky and into the Mickey D’s drive through?

When can they take off? Like stuck in traffic, fuck it, im gonna fly?

How do you get licensed? It’s not a plane, so I do not imagine a pilots license is needed?

I’m in for the $199 lease! :rofl:

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The market spoke loud and clear a long time ago.

People who are into these lifestyles would rather have a dedicated, proper plane or boat along with their proper car(s) rather than the amphibious or flying car that sucks at both roles.

The circa 1961 Amphicar was neither a very good car or a very good boat. However, I suspect that they are worth some good money now as collectors items.

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IIRC, Rick didn’t buy it…this isn’t the full episode, just a clip.